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While I was looking through our collection, I spotted this one which I believe it’s lovely to make an elegant gift card.  Not to mention it’s even easier than stamping!



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Ever since we found out about washi tapes, our collection grew fairly rapidly within a short span of time.  It is faster than expanding wardrobe, getting more beauty products and shoes!  Not that we don’t like buying a few more fancy clothes, it’s just that sometimes we are crazy about certain things at one point of time.

We haven’t really counted the exact number as to how many rolls we have.  Probably it’s the fear of facing the truth.  You know… it could be “heartache” when you figure out they are not 10 or 20 rolls but more than that… perhaps over 100 rolls sitting quietly in a box or two or even more!

Seriously, I have yet to calculate.  Maybe I shall do it one fine day.  I do catalog them in the notebooks.  But, you can roughly find out the number from our online shop excluding some free masking tape samples that we receive.

Update: We’ve since taken down all the items in our shop and just started a new series.  Read more here and here or go straight to our virtual shop here.


As mentioned before, washi tape is indeed a little art piece by itself.  Not only do they have beautiful pictures and illustrations, they are also practical and easy to use.

I have showcased these two unsophisticated masking tapes by mt Kamoi in my Gratitude Journal – Grow beautiful flowers in your journal and Green arched window.  And here you can find different samples.



Transform simple deco tapes into…

…quick yet elegant gift cards and bookmarks.

Elegant gift cards and bookmark


All you need:


I used different textures for white cards – some are plain white while some are with textures (like embossed lines).  I started off with the gift card (pink flower tape) in the center of the picture above.  Then I made a few variations.

You can measure the card and score in desired length and just stick the floral deco tape on it.  That’s it!  If you prefer not to cut, you can get ready card base.

Isn’t it simpler and faster than stamping?

Don’t get me wrong.  I like stamping too and I do have some stamps.  But one thing, I have to accumulate different stamp pads before I can have stunning and attractive colored images.  And I don’t have that many to begin with.

If you have wording or text stamp, you can certainly stamp on the gift cards and bookmarks.  Your recipient will be delighted to receive these, for instance, “Thank You”, “Happy Birthday”, “Hello”, “Get Well Soon”, “Love You” etc.

No stamps?  Write on the cards or bookmarks instead!  You can also attach such pretty tiny card onto gift box or simply give someone a little surprise or thank someone for the support.

If you are new to crafting or card making or don’t know where to start or how to use washi tapes, give these little projects a try.

If you always want to try but busy or if you are a minimalist that you prefer to make something as simple as possible, these projects are great to get started.

This is the magic of washi tape.  You can make the cards in no time!

What other variations you have for the gift card or bookmark?  Share them here in the comments section below!


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