Dark Green Tree Masking Tape And Silk Screen mt Tape


I have to admit that the dark green tree masking tape and silk screen mt tape that showcased today are not a good combination.

But appreciate if you’d allow me to show you for a few reasons which you can find the explanation here.

Green tree masking tape


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However, if you think otherwise, feel free to use this combination. 🙂    You can use them separately or alter the combination.

Let’s talk about the dark green tree washi tape first.

It’s from mt (Again? Yes, we have quite a lot of mt tapes).  But this is so called a designer washi tape (in my opinion) where mt collaborates with other designers to create something new.

dark green tree masking tape

So, this particular one is mt and Olle Eksell.

The tree illustrations are lovely here… looks like hand drawn.

Is it possible to learn simple drawing here?

Speaking of using this dark green tape, I find it hard in a way.


I’ve been having this green deco tape for quite some time and looking at it numerous times.

I still haven’t really figured out how to use or where to decorate so that it looks even more stunning and blends in nicely.

The picture is no doubt gorgeous.  My problem is the color.  It’d be better if it’s a different color.  My color choice is always towards soft and pastel.  So, having dark green is a challenge.

I might not even purchase this if it’s not because of my cousin.  Ha!  It’s good to have a slightly different preference.  It’s more so if one’s planning to sell something (physical goods), be it online or offline.

Isn’t it better to offer different colors including those that you don’t quite like?  It’s good to have balance because someone will appreciate.

How do you want to use the dark green tape?


Limited edition washi tape

On the contrary, the other one is mt limited edition – green silk screen masking tape.

It’s a lighter green… more like a yellowish green.

It’s more like a lace pattern to me.  The picture is not exactly smooth because you can touch the embossed pattern.

This is a very elegant design.  It looks nice for an elegant themed party such as wedding anniversary .



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