Dreamlike Dandelion Adhesive Tape


Dailylike is another washi tape brand which we adore.  Can you tell which one here?

Dailylike dandelion adhesive tape


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Well, the answer is obvious, right?  Yes, the dandelion on the green tape (white and gold dandelion) and the green dandelion on white masking tape.  They have the same theme – dandelion but different designs.

These two come in set in a pretty box from Dailylike.  I not only keep the tapes but the boxes and covers (packaging paper) as well.  Having a creative storage to store all the lovely washi tapes and crafts stash is going to be another challenge.

The other green line is mt washi masking tape.  Below is a close-up view.  I’m not sure why whenever I see this kind of pattern, it makes think of picnic tablecloth pattern or things related to picnic.

Green check mt tape

Do you notice the difference between the dandelion and the green lines in terms of designs and styles?

To me, both of them are somewhat different.  Even though both of them have the same color, the green color tone is not the same.

mt design is beautiful and solid while Dailylike is also pretty but it’s calm and soothing.  The design is romantic, dreamlike, soft and gentle.

However, if you put together Dailylike and Aimez le style, both of them have distinct romantic styles.

Therefore, it’s pretty interesting to encounter different masking tape brands, designs and patterns.



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