Butterfly And Dark Green Washi Tapes


Okay, I’ve to admit that the dark green mt tape (real name is mt 1P Deco Samekomon Matsu in Japanese) is not that easy to apply.


Dark green and butterfly journal page

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First of all, it’s not that attractive or even dull at the first few glances.  It takes a while to notice the charm.

Second of all, the green color is much darker than the usual one.  If the picture was not taken correctly under proper lighting, you might be thinking it’s a black color tape – which is not.

I was far from being a professional photographer.  But I did my best to take the pictures as clearly as possible to show the “true colors”.

Dots dark green tape

The other thing is about the design.  If the color is too dark, you may not see the pattern of this mt masking tape.  Here you can find repeated designs of lots of tiny dots inside a half circle.

Some mentioned this as a traditional Japanese style pattern.  Or, does it look very much like an origami design?

Note: You can also find a similar style in red, but it is currently unavailable.


Since there’s a tree (the quote) in the Journal today, why not try out the dark green tape?  Therefore, I inserted it on three sides and overlapped it a bit to see the effect.  Added some butterflies to make the page lively.

Another option could be adding some flowers washi tapes or brightly colored stickers.  Alternatively, you can insert light or striking color underneath the dark green tape and see what you can get.

The other one you can try is to “washi” some glass bottles using this green tape and add in some other embellishments.  They are beautiful under sunlight!

If you have other ideas for using darker color washi tape, feel free to share in the comments below!



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