Have A Bright Day!


After seeing blue for a few days, let’s get some bright orange today!

The masking tapes featured here are bright orange border (horizontal lines) and block pink.  Both are from mt Kamoi adhesive tapes.

Bright day journal

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Not sure why it is called block pink, which is the product name (the colorful washi tape you see on the left and right of the journal).

Yes, you can definitely see the color pink in there.  But the color red is the most striking and the first color I can see.  Am I color blind?  Don’t think so… 🙂

What about you?  Which color do you see first?

Colourful mt tape



Anyway, the mt deco block pink is really a colorful tape.  It has other colors such as gold, yellow, light green, green, and cream (not exactly white) besides red and pink.  But the red is the most obvious.

Since there’s a beautiful sunset picture in the center of the journal, why not add another bright orange tape?

Orange line tape by mt



Seriously, this is not that bright in reality.

It looks bright on the screen but in fact, the color orange is just nice – not too bright and not too light.  The same thing applies to all these mt tapes below (blue, green, and purple):

Navy blue lines mt masking tape | Washi tape craft ideas | Washi tape | Washimagic.com



Green lines mt masking tape | Japanese washi tape kawaii | Green washi tape | Washi tape crafts ideas | Washimagic.com

Green apple


Purple horizontal lines mt washi tape | Japanese mt masking tape | Kawaii washi tape | Washi tape project idea | Washimagic.com


Update: These four colors have already been discontinued.



Can you guess which is the most popular?


This color is sold faster than the rest.  Well, let’s talk about this particular tape next time.

Coming back to border orange, I think it’s not that well-liked (in our case).  If I were to choose between orange and pink, I’d undoubtedly go for pink!

However, I do notice some companies like to use orange as part of their corporate colors.  Is it easier for people to notice?

Sometimes, when it comes to designing or coloring, you cannot just go for your favorite colors.


Likewise, we can’t just look for something we like, especially if we intend to sell.  Colors and patterns that we adore might not be accepted by others.  Some other designs we dislike at all, and guess what… they are popular!

Okay, you might be thinking, “Budget is tight, and not possible to buy that whole range which includes all the colors and patterns.  That’s why I can only select my favorite tapes.”

Fair enough.

I do understand.  I face the same “dilemma”, be it purchase for personal use or our washi tape online store (Note: Kindly read the updates here).  Isn’t it faster and easier just to go for the whole set without looking at the price tag?


Perhaps this can be done gradually.

Let’s say you’ve been eyeing some fancy washi tapes for the longest time.  Instead of getting them all in one go, what about setting aside a budget just to get these five rolls this month?

Then, plan for your second order next month depending on your budget.  Not only will this help build your collection, but it will also give you the motivation to work harder and smarter.


Or, another easier way could be exchanging various deco tapes with friends.

In summary, this  is more than just a gratitude journal bookIt is also a guidebook showcasing all your washi tape collections, be it your favorites or least favorites.  Try them out and see what you can come out with!

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