All Blue Washi Tapes Again…


Yes, all three masking tapes are from mt, and are all blue.

No matter how much I try to use other colors, such as striking orange and colorful mosaic, it’s still back to blue.  Ah, perhaps I inadvertently wanted to tell you that blue is one of my favorite colors apart from pink.

All blue washi tapes


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What do you think of the blue washi tapes today?

I want to create an ocean feel at the bottom of the page.  So the dark blue horizontal line tapes are there.  The other blue grid line tape is placed because you can also see lighter blue in the ocean, right?

On top of the page, the block blue masking tape resembles the sky.  Does this tape look familiar?  Yes, it’s mentioned before a few days ago but in different colors.


Block blue mt masking tape | Japanese washi tape | Cute washi tape | Washi tape craft ideas |


Honestly speaking, I’m not so sure if I want to have this blog entry.  It seems something is not right with the design or color combinations.  I kind of hesitate.



But I just do it anyway for 4 reasons.

Be brave to experiment

Since this is your journal, take this opportunity to test various deco tapes.  Try different colors, textures, designs, and styles.

Don’t bother if they match or not.  Treat the tapes like your colored pencils and start “doodling”.



Learn something even if it’s a mistake

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that I can also learn from mistakes and failures.

It’s just like when you play a musical instrument.  You will remind yourself not to repeat the wrong notes anymore because they sound weird.

Of course, we all want to do all things correctly without making mistakes but there are unavoidable at times.  More importantly, is what you can learn from it and how to improve.


Koushi blue gridline mt masking tape | Japanese washi tape | Cute washi tape | Washi tape craft ideas |


Open your imagination

It’s definitely an added advantage if you are an artist, designer, illustrator or you have a flair for design.  It’d be much easier.

What if you are not?

No creativity and skills.  The best part about washi tape is that you can play around with it and do what you can come up with because all the patterns and colors are already there.



Color is subjective but…

I find this very interesting.

When I pack the orders for our lovely customers, I pay attention to what kind of designs and colors they purchase.  Some of them buy different styles and colors, while some of them just stick to certain colors but different patterns.

When we give away washi tape samples, sometimes I will give them similar styles, while sometimes I will give totally different colors but still adorable.

We all have our own color preferences.

I can’t force you to fall in love with the colors that you hate.  This is especially true if the budget is just enough to start with your favorite colors.


Have a look at your washi tape collection, even if you have a few, or just open your wardrobe.  Which color do you see the most?

And this reminds me of clothing.

I didn’t notice the colors I wore all the time until one of my old colleagues said to me, “Wow, you look bright today!”

And then he made a funny look as if I was as striking as a 1500-watt light bulb.  I was surprised to hear that because I didn’t pay much attention to my dull outfit.  I kind of knew it’s dull but not bothering me that much.  But someone actually noticed it and joked when I wore a yellow outfit.

There’s an article in the paper about Feng Shui wardrobe.


It’s good to have various colors in your wardrobe and not just favor certain colors.

Not just black, gray, and white, but add more red, pink, green, gold, blue, brown, purple, orange, yellow, etc.  This will enhance your luck because different colors represent different aspects such as wealth luck, love luck, etc.  It’s good to have balance.

It may seem off-topic, and I’m not a Feng Shui/colors expert.  It’s always good to have a variety of colors, designs, and styles, be it washi tape or outfit or whatever.

So, for the next few posts, you can check if I use other colors or not!

Have a colorful day!



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