Green Gridline mt Masking Tape And Yummy Food Washi Tape


Lots of food and snack in this washi paper tape!

Writing journal about food


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If you have food on the table everyday, aren’t you grateful for it?

If you go for buffet, do you notice that some people will try to put all the food on the plate?  Do you realize that the restaurant owner has notices all over the place that additional payment is required for leftover food?

Isn’t it much better just to take enough food?  Why?

Maybe it’s easy for most of us that food is never an issue.

However, there are many people who don’t have food to eat.  Or some are even  unable to swallow due to sickness.

They are countless children in constant hunger.

Imagine if you were to skip a meal; hands and legs are shaking and unable to think properly.  There’s a saying, “A hungry man is an angry man.”


Coming back to the pretty tapes

Is there any reason using the mt green grid line masking tape (the pattern is three square lattices)?

Green gridline mt masking tape


Not really.

It’s just that there are also green and blue lines behind the delicious snacks, so I use the green mt tape to match.  In order to remind myself to be thankful for the food, I cut out a few more of the individual picture from the tape and placed them on both sides of the journal page.

Thank you for reading!

Food and watercolor painting tapes

Close-up of food masking tape. The other one is watercolor washi tape.


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