Envelopes And Green Masking Tapes


Three different mt tapes go into my journal page today such as…

mt ex envelope – find eight different kinds of designs in this stunning washi tape

mt ex envelope eyelet – can be used as an eyelet sticker for your real envelope

mt 1P Deco Border Green – use as background decoration here


Envelopes green masking tapes


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Do you still receive handwritten personal letters or handmade cards? When was the last time you received them?

If you do, you are really a lucky person!

Unique washi tape envelopes

It’s getting rare to actually receive meaningful letters in the mail.  The ones that we usually get are just business letters in plain white envelopes.  As for greeting cards, maybe one or two mass produced ones from some business contacts.

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It’s pathetic huh?

I used to collect beautiful paper and coordinating envelopes to write letters.  It’s popular years ago where you exchanged letters with pen pals.

I found them from the newspapers and magazines.  So I just selected a few and started writing.  And most of them replied!

It’s such a warm feeling receiving handwritten letters from them.

Isn’t it exciting when you open the mail box and see those wonderful personalized letters?

Sometimes I received thick envelopes with photos inside while some days I received just one or two page letters.

What matters the most is taking the time to get a pen and write something down on paper, then get a stamp and post it.


This becomes quite a tedious procedure these days.

The fastest way nowadays is to send letters, cards or greeting messages electronically via emails, sms (text messages), Facebook messages, Whatsapp, Wechat and so on.

Of course it’s perfectly fine sending letters in digital format.  But in my opinion, nothing beats one personalized letter or handmade card in an envelope even if I receive fifty greetings in text messages.

That’s why some of these letters are still well-kept and hidden somewhere.  Perhaps I should check them out again and take a walk down memory lane.

Side note: Although I’d lost touch with all the pen pals over the years, I was grateful for the wonderful experience and memory… and still am.

Is sending real letters and envelopes considered old-fashioned or nostalgic or perhaps just a waste of paper in today’s era?  What’s your opinion?  Leave a comment below to share!


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