Bees, Flowers and Watercolor Washi Tapes


Honestly speaking, who doesn’t like a comfy laid-back on Sundays?  You can…

Flowers bees and watercolor adhesive tapes


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…wake up whenever you want.
…rest as much as you please.
…do whatever you feel like doing.
…perhaps take time to learn something new.
…read more books and magazines.
…do some cooking / crafting / workout.
…rush to the market to get groceries.
…finish off loads and loads of laundry.
…do again household chores that seem to no end.
…send kids to extracurricular activities.
…visit and entertain family and friends.
…and many more.


How do you actually spend your time on precious Sundays?  Do you just relax or still rush like mad trying to accomplish lots of tasks?

Some of you might still need to work due to your profession, especially in the service industry.  But if you work from Mondays to Fridays or even Saturdays, how do you make use of Sundays effectively?


When I first started creating this very first gratitude journal page, it was on a beautiful Sunday.

I felt so thankful because it’s quiet, peaceful, and calm.

I felt so grateful I was able to sit down comfortably and daydream a bit.  Instead of thinking about what had happened yesterday or worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow, today is the moment.


Encouraging words - today is a brand new start |


So, I checked my washi tape collection and saw these two pretty masking tapes ~



Flowers and the bees by Shiniz Katoh

This is actually called Hachisan washi tape.  This is cute, and the bees look amiable.

Hachisan masking tape by Shinzi Katoh

Watercolor painting by Taiwanese designer

The multicolor in the watercolor painting tape is fantastic.  The colors blend in nicely.  Can this resemble the sky… perhaps sunset or sunrise?

This reminds me of going to the park on Sunday morning.  It’s refreshing and energizing.  Come and let’s go out and get some fresh air!



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