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I never thought of one day I’d be writing about masking tape.  I’ve always tried to avoid using any sort of masking tape that we usually see; for example, duct tape, brown tape, cellophane tape, PVC tape etc.  It’s sticky and also need to use scissors or a tape dispenser to cut… what’s so great about it?

Duct tape, brown tape, cellophane tape and PVC tape are not masking tapes, they are adhesive tapes or sticky tapes.  Masking tape is only used for the tape that masks something (usually when painting) and is then removable.  So, washi tape does appear to be a kind of masking tape, but parcel tape etc isn’t.

However, the one type of masking tape that I’m going to be talking about is different. (hey, or else you won’t see me writing about it here 🙂 )  And the name for this special type of masking tape is called washi tape.

There are various names for it that I’ve covered here.

Washi tapes have been around in the market for quite a while, I just didn’t pay much attention to them until one fine day…

…some music washi tapes were sort of “saying” hello to me in a bookstore.  I get hooked easily when I see anything related to music.  The music washi tape was, of course, in my shopping cart and came home with me.

Find out the magic inside the world of washi tapes |

What’s the magic?


I shared this with my cousin.  We then went on collecting a few more and then even more until we decided to sell them online.  We buy, sell and collect at the same time!

You can find all sorts of pictures, colors, textures and patterns on washi tapes.  It’s not necessary to be artsy or crafty because washi tape itself is already an art piece.  Just let your creativity run wild.

First lot of assorted washi tapes, masking tapes, decorative tapes |

First lot of deco tapes – first saw the white music notes and then the brown and the rest. Guess which one is the most expensive here? {answer below}


Why is it so popular that people are willing to line up to get into the mt expo in Taipei, for instance?  Yes, this is the latest happening in mt expo (at the time of writing this…Oct 2014).

If you haven’t read this article about mt expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, click here to find out more!

Why are people crazy about these little tapes?  Why are people falling in love with them?  It’s so tiny that you might even overlook it at first glance.

However, once you get deep inside of it, it’s hard to get out!  But I believe it’s a good one!

As such, this blog is about washi tapes, decor, crafts, stationery and related items.           







Of course, along the way some other things will be included as well to complement them as things progress and change.  This is because I plan to add different types of arts and crafts that you can learn and start.  So stay tuned for more updates!

But for now…

Are you ready?

Let’s head straight into the world of washi tapes crafts and find out the magical part of them!


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{answer: the middle one… hearts in the sky}


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