The Washi Magic Blog Gallery aims to create an online space to showcase the beautiful and unique washi tapes and arts & crafts projects.

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There’s no particular order for all the projects.  The newest will be on top.

Please click on the image to see a larger version.  Blog post link will be included (if any) should you want to read more about the details.

Read further information at the end of this page about how you can submit your project and artwork.

Have you bought your first washi tape?

Have you started your collection?

What are you going to do with your washi tape and crafts stash?

Are the little decorative masking tapes sitting quietly in your drawer or hiding somewhere collecting dust?

I love to collect (not only paper tapes) and admire them once in a while.  Treat them as if some sort of precious priceless stones, be it paper, cardstock, embellishments, stickers etc.  It is a shame mentioning this.

That is one of the reasons why I created this – washi tape gratitude journal.

Okay, enough chatter.

I’m grateful that our customers submit their artworks and projects (with permission) and wow… they are just awesome!

You don’t have to be our customer to have your artwork featured here.  It is open to all of you.

You can mix washi tapes with other crafts.  They can be related to cards, scrapbooks, postcards, bookmarks, gift boxes, journals, planners, diaries, storage and many more.

Would you like to be a part of the Washi Magic Blog Gallery?

How to submit?

Just email your details to: contact[at]washimagic[dot]com

  • Your Name
  • Project Name (what kind of project – card, journal etc)
  • Products Used (washi tape, cardstock, scoring board, ribbon etc)
  • Brief Story if any [if you have a longer version (at least 250 words) to tell, go ahead. I might turn it into a blog post for you], for instance:
    1. How do you find out about washi tape crafts?
    2. What inspired you to try out masking tape and crafts?
    3. How do you come out with the project ideas?
    4. What are the steps to complete your projects?
    5. Do you encounter any issues along your crafting journey?
    6. What other crafts do you also collect besides the pretty tapes?

All submissions will only be shown after approval. Text and pictures will be edited for better viewing on the website. Photo credit will go to you.

Okay, that’s about it! Hope you enjoy the projects and get lots of inspiration! I sincerely hope to see your washi tape craft projects here!

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