Which One Will You Choose From mt Product Range?

This is a rather lengthy article all about mt washi adhesive tape.  It can be overwhelming when you first step into mt world.  There are just so many out there in the market and sometimes just not sure where to start or which one to get.  So this is written for you in the hope that you know more and make your buying decision and design choice easier.

The article is divided into three parts for easy reading.

Part one is about what mt tape is, how I came to know it, is it that good and why it is widespread.

Part two is related to the types of mt masking tapes in terms of sizes and overview of product range.

Part three is the focal point.  Find more details about different product categories (you are here).  There are links back to our store or other affiliate sites should you want to see more images and purchase.



Here is Part 3 of mt masking tape series

This part is the “meat” where you can find more information about various categories of mt products.  If you are new and can’t wait to see what kind of washi tapes they offer, read on and find out!

Which mt masking tape is your favorite? mt product categories in details. Check out mt series part 3 | mt tape | Washimagic.com
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Without further ado, let’s put on the magnifying glasses and take a closer look at each product range:

1. Basic ~

This is just basic solid color without any design.  They have light (bright) version and also dark color (cool) version.

You can also find them in separate pieces such as 1P (P means piece), 10P or 20P (the width is slimmer).  This means you can buy washi tape in single roll or in a box.


My recommendation is to go for 10P or 20P basic colors (something like a box of color pencils) if you just begin exploring mt tapes.  Not only will you get different colors in a box, you also have the chance to do some small projects and get the hang of it before moving on to collect even more decorative masking tapes should you get addicted. 🙂

Set of 10P of  mt washi masking tapes Bright colors (MT10P003)
Set of 10P of mt washi masking tapes Cool colors (MT10P004)
Set of 20P of mt washi masking tapes Bright and Cool colors (MT20P002)
Single roll in assorted colors (1P Basic)


2. Deco ~

You can find mt 1P Deco and mt 2P Deco.  These are decorative masking tapes.  Lots of different colors, designs and patterns printed on the tapes.

If you find one design in 1 roll, it might be available in a set which is 2 rolls in a package.  For example, mt has one design and make another one similar design but different color combination as you can see below.  So, if you like one design and you also like the other one with the same design (but different color), then you can consider getting a pair.

Red and green washi tape in set


In a nutshell, 1 design = 2 colors.  You can get just a roll or a set which contains 2 rolls.

mt masking tape 2P (limited choices)
mt masking tape 1P (single roll with different patterns and colors)


3. mt fab ~

New product range in the summer collection.  Some surprises in this series in terms of printing, colors and texture.  It’s always wonderful to see something special such as die-cut design.  The length of the masking tape is shorter though which is only 3m.

mt die-cut masking tape Green
mt fab masking tape


4. mt for kids ~

These are cute and tiny masking tapes for children and the length is 7m.  The size is just nice for children to hold.  Aren’t they considerate?

Small adhesive tape for kids

mt for kids – autumn & winter 2014 collection


If you intend to do some washi tape projects together with your kids, you can consider getting some from this range, such as hearts, stars and alphabets.  There are many other alternatives too such as mt ex animal, mt ex sea creatures and mt ex number.

Gentle reminder: mt masking tape/washi tape is not a toy.  Please guide and supervise little kids.

mt washi tape for kids


5. Designer tape ~

This is merely my interpretation.  mt also collaborates with other designers or artists to create new lines of patterns and styles.

For instance, mt x mina perhonen, mt x Olle Eksell, mt x Bengt & Lotta and mt x Lisa Larson.  Plus a few more new ones in 2015 Spring and Summer collection.

Designer tape

mt x Bengt & Lotta
(Note: The link is to a list of mt x Bengt & Lotta washi tapes and not the exact item)

mt x Lisa Larson


6. mt ex ~

This is the one which can’t be missed.  If you are deeply in love with beautiful, cute and artsy stuff, just be careful because you will be hooked!

Ex means expo.  Kamoi, the company behind the mt brand, has held several exhibitions in different cities in Japan and also in other countries.  New designs are being introduced.  The ones that we attended before were in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The designs you find in this range are permanent so to speak.  This means you can get the stock easily as long as it’s available.  As you see from the pictures here, there are so many different designs and colors.  Honestly speaking, it’s hard not to want them all.  It’s irresistible, isn’t it?

You can use the mt masking tape as it is or use it as sticker.  Isn’t it cool?  For example you can find pictures like stamps, tags, envelopes, flowers, butterflies, marking etc.

However, there are many more designs which can only be obtained in that particular expo (or maybe from other online sellers or retailers).  These are called…

mt ex masking tapes


7. Limited Edition ~

Exclusive designs only available in a particular exhibition and place.  The company will release four special designs (as far as I know) for that expo.  The patterns often depict the local scenery, culture, products etc.

For instance, Happy pink, The Canton language, The night view of Hong Kong and The special products of Hong Kong.

Limited edition mt tape all about Hong Kong products


Apart from this, they also released some other limited editions masking tapes.  For example, brand, goldfish, green silk screen and red checker pattern.

Limited edition mt tapes from Hong Kong expo


8. mt slim ~

This is a thinner adhesive tape in terms of width.  They have 3mm and 6mm available.  Design wise is only a few basic colors and decorative patterns.  Some of the designs look familiar which you can see in mt deco product range as mentioned above in #2.

6mm slim tape in set by mt


This is pretty good for “drawing” lines.  For example, instead of physically drawing lines in your journal especially for small sized notebook, what about getting help from mt slim?

You can use it to make a table – rows and columns.  What about using it to make a little frame on your diary book and insert your favorite photo or ticket?

The above categories are common ones which you can find easily in the market.  But I also want to let you know that they do have other categories which are not that well-liked and popular yet (in my opinion and based on our market here) such as the following…

mt slim washi masking tapes


9. mt suite / gift box set ~

Five colors/designs in a set and the size range is from 6mm to 30mm in width and the length is 10m.  Below is some samples of 15mm in width washi tapes.

Do they look familiar?  Yes, these are also available in 1P category as already explained above in #1 & #2.  Will you choose a box like this or just buy a roll or two?

Gift box set mt washi tape

Gift box set washi tapes
mt suite (limited choices)


10. Wamon ~

Japanese styled patterns.  There are six rolls in a pretty box.  Three different designs and two different colors for the same design like the picture below.

What if you prefer single roll?  It is available in 1P range as well.


We did not get the existing version but we will be getting the new 2015 wamon design!  Go to our web store to see a picture or two now.  Otherwise, a new picture will be is included here! once available.  (No longer available)

Japanese style washi tape wamon set

mt wamon Japanese paper masking tapes


11. Others ~

mt tape cutter – They have two different tape dispensers available in five colors each.  The picture shown below is just one of them.  However, there were some new designs being introduced in the end of 2014 for different sizes of decorative tapes.

mt tape cutter in green
mt tape cutter Green
Other tape dispenser designs


mt wrap – Wax-feel wrapping paper.  Great for wrapping gifts or food.  Available in different colors, patterns and Scandinavia designs.

Unique wrap paper in red by mt


The one that we get is 155mm (w) x 5m (l) and the color is shocking red.  The box is similar to plastic wrap or aluminum foil that we use in the kitchen.  The glue on both sides is pretty sturdy.


mt Casa – For interior decoration.  Use it as wall paper for example.  The available sizes are 50mm (2 inches), 100mm (4 inches) and 200mm (8 inches).  The length is 10m (33 feet).

If the standard size of washi tape is to beautify smaller area like a journal, then mt Casa is a bigger version to cover larger area like door, wall, window and many more.

Check out the mt casa range here.


mt maki maki – This is a pretty popular “machine” where you can manually make your own tiny version of masking tape.

Some people find 10m length in a roll is still quite a lot.  So, what about rolling it into smaller size?  You can use flat core (little white board shown below) and round core (mini brown tube shown below).  Give away washi tapes and share with your family and friends!

mt maki maki

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Alright… that’s about it in a nutshell.  I think I won’t even know or understand about mt product range if it’s not because of writing this article.  I really hope this helps you make your buying decision easier and faster.  At least you have an idea as to which one to get.

For example, if you are into plain washi tape, then just look at basic colors set and ignore the rest.  But if you prefer to have some patterns or cute pictures, then have a look at the deco range or mt ex range.

If you have more time to look around and see what’s available, by all means go ahead!

So, which one will you choose then?

Anyway, just in case you are still pondering and having budget constraints, here’s my recommendation which you can begin with… (not necessary to get them all at one go)

  • mt 10P basic – either bright or cool hue
  • mt 20P basic – come with bright and cool colors
  • mt 1P or 2P deco – find one or two patterns that you like most
  • mt ex – find one or two pictures that you absolutely adore


Is that all?  No… mt has just released new collection 2015!  Are you interested?  Take a look…

mt masking tapes spring and summer collection 2015


Thanks for reading!

We appreciate your feedback.  Leave your comment below!

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