So, What Types of mt Masking Tapes Can You Find?


This is a rather lengthy article all about mt washi adhesive tape.  It can be overwhelming when you first step into the mt world.  There are just so many out there in the market and sometimes not sure where to start or which one to get.  So this is written for you in the hope that you know more and make your buying decision and design choice easier.

The article is divided into three parts for easy reading.

Part one is about what mt tape is, how I came to know it, is it that good and why it is widespread.

Part two relates to the types of mt masking tapes in terms of sizes and overview of the product range (you are here).

Part three is the focal point.  Find more details about different product categories.  There are links back to our store or other affiliate sites should you want to see more images and purchase.



Here is mt tape series Part 2…

There are many different types of mt masking tapes in terms of colors, designs, patterns and styles.  I was confused as to which one I should get when I first knew about mt washi masking tape.  As you might have guessed, my cousin and I just chose “blindly” based on our favorites.  We’d just ignore the least favorite tapes.

What kinds of mt masking tapes can you find? Read mt series part 2 for details | mt tape |

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Luckily, both of us have a slightly different taste which is good if you plan to sell or if you want to have a variety of tapes.

No doubt that you can find lots of information online but there are things I’d like to know more for instance:

What kinds of mt tapes can I find?
How many different types are there?
Why do they have different sizes?
What is 1P, 2P and 10P?
Which one is available… in a set or just a roll?
What are mt wrap and mt casa?
And many more.

Hence, this comprehensive list is written just for you – wanting to know more about the various types of mt masking tapes.  There’s a rather similar article about the different kinds of washi tapes.  But that one is more about deco tape in general, comparing different types and brands in the market.

And this particular page is specifically for mt tape.

Let’s get started!


Size (width, length and dimension)

Update: When I was writing this article, the ones that we bought and checked often had the same length which was 10m.  Nowadays, mt also offers different lengths such as 7m, 5m and 3m for some of their designs.  In my opinion, it’s still more than enough to use.  However, if the length of the masking tape is something that you concern about, then you may want to check beforehand.


The most common width is 15mm and the length is 10m (0.6 inches x 33 feet) for a roll of masking tape.

Brown stripes washi tape


The thinnest is 3mm (width) x 10m (length) [0.12 inches x 33 feet], followed by (but not limited to):

mt slim 3mm adhesive tape


Width x Length
6mm x 10m
7mm x 10m (basic colors 20P)
9mm x 10m
18mm x 10m
19mm x 10m
20mm x 10m
22mm x 10m
25mm x 10m
27mm x 10m
30mm x 10m
35mm x 10m
40mm x 10m
45mm x 10m
50mm x 10m


As you can see, the length always stays the same unless otherwise stated.  The difference is in the width.

The 10 meters long for a roll of decorative tape, which is common in most mt, is quite a lot.  It takes a long time to finish a roll especially if someone is frugal (talking about me 🙂 ).

On the other hand, you can also find 7 meters long for mt kids range and 3 meters long for the latest addition, mt fab – summer collection 2014.

Hearts and love washi tape


Thus, the sizes for mt masking tapes can be varied depending on the company’s design.  It won’t be so boring or rigid that you see the same size all the time.  This alone is already pretty interesting right… sometimes you get to see small rolls of tapes and sometimes you get to catch sight of gigantic washi tape like this…

Note: But a smaller version of this (Dimension 48mm, approx. 1.9 inches) is available now.



Product Range Overview

Here’s a picture that I put together which outlined the types of mt masking tapes in general.  Each picture shows a product for that particular category.  They are many more of course.  But the common ones are selected for illustration purposes.

Types of mt masking tapes


1P means 1 piece or 1 roll basically.  You know instantly that this is only 1 roll.  mt also has the following common product names…

  • 2P – 2 rolls in a set
  • 3P – 3 rolls in a set
  • 5P – 5 rolls in a box
  • 10P – 10 rolls in a box
  • 20P – 20 rolls in a box (the size is 7mm x 10m)


V means various sizes.  As mentioned W15mm x L10m (0.6 inches x 33 feet) is standard, but other sizes are available as well.

The different categories are… (please click on the links below to see more from my affiliate partners’ sites)


  • Tape cutter
  • mt maki maki
  • Special wrap
  • mt casa for interior decor


Next: Part 3 – mt Product Categories in Details


— Product List —
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