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Welcome to Washi Magic!  This “Start Here” page is specially created with you in mind so you’ll find the information and articles that you need when you land here.

The topics that I write about are something that I’d like to share with you, too.  You see, the reason for starting this blog is because of a little teeny tiny washi tape.  We’ve gotten so many rolls that seemed out of control, so we might as well blog about washi tape craft alongside our online store.

For instance, as you scroll down below, you’ll find the topics such as

– Get To Know About Different Washi Tapes: Animal –

The title of the blog post is actually the washi tape design.  When you click on the link, you will read the articles and see the washi tapes. 

I also weave in little stories in my articles (if they are relevant) to remind myself and hope to inspire you, too, in some way.  If you are not sure what I’m talking about, just browse through the topics below and see for yourself. 🙂

I also come back to this “Start Here” page often.  Sometimes I write too much (or maybe too little) and tend to lose track at some point.  Therefore, it’s better to organize all the topics here.  It’s just like what you see those books lining up neatly on the bookshelves.

This start here guide lists all the blog posts, articles, and web pages in an organized way.  If you are newly visiting this blog and unsure what to look for, click on the links below.  The links will lead you to the pages you want.

Besides, you can also use the search button in the top right column to find the information.  Otherwise, this page is a great way to find a list of all the articles.  Be sure to bookmark this start here page, too.

It is regularly updated.  So, come back often and find out!

Thank you for reading!

Washi Tape and Info


mt Masking Tape Series
Part 1: What Is mt Masking Tape?  Is It Really That Good?
Part 2: So, What Types of mt Masking Tapes Can You Find?
Part 3: Various mt Product Categories In Details

Product Reviews

What Is mt maki maki? Should you get one? {and a Giveaway}!
Product Reviews: Prime Nakamura & nami-nami

(Will share more about other brands and types such as Aimez le style/Amifa, Dailylike, Funtape, Round Top, Shinzi Katoh, Space Craft, Mark’s/Maste and more at a later date)

Arts and Crafts


Encouraging Words



(All about physical products)

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Product List
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