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Are you looking for some unique and beautiful washi tapes and related crafts for your projects or planner?  Are you wondering where to get them?

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This shopping guide is created to make it easy for you to check out our favorite products or shop or finally make the purchase.  You will find some products that you may have come across on the blog here while some are new.

As written in this article, we have several boxes just to hold these teeny tiny yet gorgeous decorative masking tape (okay, long description ;), it will take some time for me to feature all of them all at once.  We personally purchased all of the products that you see on my blog and in our shop.


There are 2 main ways to shop from:

You’ll see me mention our store from time to time in different blog posts and articles.  This is our online store based in Malaysia.  You can join as a member to get special discount.  We also ship worldwide.

Update: Our little virtual shop was in maintenance mode recently doing some cleaning, sweeping, mopping, clearing at the backend. 🙂  We just re-opened our store but with “empty shelves” at the moment!  The new products will be slightly different this time.  As such, some product links to our store have already been removed or are in the process of doing so.

Click here to read more about it.

Or, go to the shop now.


Affiliate Partners

You can also purchase the products from Amazon should you find it easier and convenient for you.  Click here to shop. (enabled / coming soon)

Update: The “Product List” page where you can find all items from Amazon will also be removed as they are going to retire this feature.

Affiliate links (be it Amazon and/or other affiliate partners) will be included in the articles if the items are applicable and relevant.  But rest assured that I’ll only recommend products and brands that I use and like.  Read more about affiliate disclosure here.


Why do I offer 2 options for you?

Honestly, no matter how much we love washi tapes and many other items, we can’t possibly have all of them, at least not now.  Maybe in the future?  Who knows…  it could be a warehouse and not just boxes to keep all of them. 🙂

The other reason is that we’ll usually remove sold-out items.  Therefore, some of the products that you see here may not be available as we prefer to offer something new whenever possible.

As such, an alternative way is to include affiliate partners where you can also buy from them.

If you are wondering where to buy washi tape and other products, hope this shopping guide can be helpful to you.  We’d love to get your business but more importantly, buy the ones that you adore and also find them useful and practical for your craft projects, planners, home décor, wedding, celebrations or whatever.

I plan to update this if necessary.  So be sure to bookmark and come back often!

If you have any questions about buying from or affiliate stores, just email me at contact{@} or use the contact form.


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