More Details About Various Types of Washi Tapes – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series.  Click here to read Part 1.

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To further illustrate the variety in part 1, here you can view more pictures about masking tapes in assorted colors, patterns, themes and designs.


More about various types of washi tapes part 2


For instance, you can find different feel for the same theme.  Let’s say travel theme, this can be cute and whimsical while the other one can be vintage.

Get Aimez le style travel items washi tape here.

Get mt travel way masking tape here.

Different travel themed washi tapes


When I first came across washi tape, I’d no clue about what it was and how many in the market actually.

I’d heard about the pretty tapes on the internet and in the crafts magazines but just didn’t pay much attention to it until one fine day.

I stumbled upon them in a book shop and saw them in real.  Honestly speaking, I was not sure what to do with the tape I bought other than wrapping up the books.

Not sure if you do this… I used to wrap all the school books and some other precious books and magazines with plastic sheets.  And of course, normal cellophane tape was the only choice.  It turned yellowish over time and became kind of sticky.

I think washi tape is such a fantastic alternative.

Not only does it beautify the books, it’s also acid-free (for certain brands like mt masking tape and Aimez le style washi tape).  Well, I’m not sure (yet to find out) if this applies to all the other decorative tapes in the market.

It’s not that hard to pick the kind of sticky tape (either you get to buy it or not) that I like in the bookstore since it only offered very limited choice.

However, it’s so different in the internet world.

If you search on the World Wide Web, you will literally get tons of washi-tape-related pictures.

You might have encountered familiar washi paper tapes all over the place such as mt tape.  This is because, in my opinion, the most original and widespread since it’s the pioneer in the industry.

There are already hundreds of different designs, colors and styles in mt brand alone.  Not to mention, they do have limited edition adhesive tapes for different regions and countries.  Plus, they also offer “seasonal” products such as Summer Collection, Autumn & Winter Collection, Christmas tapes and so on.


Do remember there are many more washi adhesive tapes out there, with or without brands.  For instance, some other famous ones are maste washi making tape, Round Top masking tape, Shinzi Katoh masking tape etc.  Some companies also come out with their very own deco tapes.

Besides, you have the option to buy single roll or to collect them all in a series.  They carry the same theme, for example flowers, and offer in different colors.


So, it’s really a lot to shop and buy.

I’m not sure if this is good or not so good.  Even though we sell washi tapes online and get the chance to buy a lot more, we sometimes feel that our buying process is always in progress.

It’s very much like fashion, isn’t it?  New designs, colors, styles and textures keep appearing pretty quickly.  It’s kind of tough to keep up with the trend, don’t you agree?

The buying process will be easy if you know for sure what kind of designs you love.  Otherwise, it could take a while to select because you are not certain what to buy or which one to start first.


Let’s see what’s in here…

As you may have already read Part 1, I categorized the types of washi tapes into six different groups, namely theme, color, pattern, design, cultural and texture.  At least three pictures are included for each category (except “texture”) to show the differences.

What are the differences?

Even if having the same theme, say food related designs; it can give you different feel like simple and cute or colorful and bold.

  • Theme – travel, floral, food, natural, animal, Christmas, music, encyclopedia, stationery, scenery, illustration, cartoon

~ Below is a wonderful example for floral themed deco tapes. Different flowers and different colors on different sizes. (click to enlarge images)



~ Below is animal / encyclopedia mt tape.  Cut out and use as stickers for butterfly tape.  Children can learn about animals from the middle tape.  And on the right, layer this tape with bear tape. (click to enlarge images)



~ Stationery… these are all mt ex series. (click to enlarge images)



  • Color – basic or solid, single color or different color combinations, bright or cool (dark), neon, soft

~ On the left is bright colors set and on the right is cool colors set. (click to enlarge images)



  • Pattern – stripes, lines, dots, chevron, borders, tartan-check, stars, hearts, abstract, mosaic, collage, flowers, flags

~ This is another huge section in terms of patterns.  They are just way too many for me to include here such as stripes, hearts and so on.  I think this is the main reason that I (or we) get crazy about washi tapes.  (click to enlarge images)



  • Design – bold, light, sweet, abstract, vivid, whimsical, funny, romantic, simple, complicated, vintage, cute

~ Below is three distinctive designs in my opinion.  (click to enlarge images)



  • Cultural – Japanese style design, Chinese style design, Nordic style, French style, English style, Morocco style

~ There are also decorative masking tapes which contain and reflect a particular culture.  Say if you want to make a Chinese New Year card or plan an Oriental themed D.I.Y. wedding, what about including this tape in your design like the image on the left below? (click to enlarge images)


These are the washi tapes in a nutshell.  Even though there are far too many to list all of them in this article, the distinctive ones will either be mentioned here or in other articles.  Hope by now you have an idea about the various kinds of these little beautiful tapes.

Do leave a comment if you find this article helpful or if you have more to share.  Thank you for your support!


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