Is Washi Tape Expensive? Is It Worth Buying?


Updates: The prices that I mentioned below especially for mt brands are not the same anymore.  They have increased the price starting from MYR8.00 per roll (approx. US$1.90).  There are so many different types and brands nowadays.  Some have lower prices while some are about the same.



Is washi tape really that expensive?  Is it even worth buying?

But, why is it expensive in the first place?

Is washi tape expensive? Is it worth buying? Some called it expensive tape | washi adhesive tape | decorative masking tape |

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What makes you think that it’s expensive?

Some called it expensive tape.

Is it because it’s just a small roll and it’s not worth a higher price?

I came to know that quite a number of people mentioning about high price tag for just a small roll.

To pay for that kind of price, you could have bought a nice cup of coffee, simple lunch, movie ticket or even a new wallet.

Why do you need to buy masking tape especially if you don’t know how to use it?  It could be a waste of money!

I feel the same at first.

It’s kind of pricey for just a small roll.  I still remembered when I first saw such a little tape and the price was MYR6.50 (approx. US$2.  It might not be much for US$2 but here we could have a meal.)  I could have just ignored it and looked for a different tape like cellophane tape which is less expensive.

I bought it at the end because the picture is something I absolutely love…music notes.

It’s not branded.  It’s all because of the picture.  I have no idea how to use or what to do with it.  All I knew it’s something new to me and I’m sure I’ll find a way to use or stick.

I bought a few more after this.  My cousin bought even more than me.  Our collection grew quite exponentially within a short span of time!

Read on to find out why it’s worth to purchase and collect washi tapes.

If the washi tape is “unbranded”, the price is usually cheaper.  Quality will be different as well depending on the manufacturer and where you get them from.  Of course this is not always the case.

I once bought an imported decorative tape which costs MYR19.90 (approx. US$6.20).  The problem was I only knew the price after paying.  I was like… “Wow, it’s quite expensive.”  The quality is just average and the adhesive is not strong enough.

Prices of decorative tapes vary due to the:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Material
  • Texture
  • Adhesive
  • Manufacturer


It’s worth getting because of…

Reason #1

Let’s take a look from our online store, you can see the price range starting from MYR6.30 to MYR40 for a single roll (approx. US$2 to US$12).  The common size for a roll is 15mm (width) x 10m (length).  The dimension usually hovers within 45mm to 50mm (except some special ones).

Let’s take a closer look at Rose Garden Washi Tape below…

10m = MYR6.30 (about US$2)
Note: This price is no longer available.

It works out to
1m = MYR0.63 (about US$0.20)

Rose garden deco tape without brand

Washi tape without brand


For a well-known Japanese brand mt masking tape, the lowest in our region is for instance,

mt 1P Basic Salmon Pink

10m = MYR6.50 (about US$1.80)

1m = MYR0.65 (about US$0.20)

mt salmon pink washi tape

mt brand salmon pink masking tape


Since 1m = 100cm (or 39 inches / 3.3 ft), what can you do with such length?

Do quite a number of bookmarks, gift cards, greeting cards etc to share with family and friends.  You can also create a few more projects.

Let’s say you plan to make a bookmark for a friend or swap with someone.  You give one meter for three different types; the cost is just MYR1.89 (about US$0.60).

So, is this considered cheap?


Reason #2

Unlike perishable goods, there’s no expiry date.  I do see expiry dates on certain decorative adhesive tapes.  Not very sure why but my guess could be the adhesive.  It might dry up over time.  It’s best to store them away in a container after using.  You will then be able to keep them for as long as you want.


Reason #3

No glue required.  Washi tape is handy if you want to stick something quick and easy.  You can tape your picture or memo easily on the board, wall or diary.  You can remove and reposition it as well.


Reason #4

You can find lots of attractive pictures on masking tapes.  You can always find something to learn if you see close enough.  For instance, it could be from the drawing, painting, coloring, materials, texture, the touch etc.


Reason #5

Last but not least, it’s easy to use.  If you are new to crafting, why not make some cards using washi tapes?  The simplest way is just cardstock, paper (especially those are ready made or pre-scored) and deco tapes.  No need glue and scissors!


All in all, it’s worth buying and trying out washi tapes in my opinion.  It’s fine if you don’t agree with me.  I’m hoping to share what I know because I feel the same in the beginning as to why these tiny tapes are pricey.

But if I were to compare with a roll of ribbon, it could be more costly.  Plus, additional item like glue is needed if you were to stick on the surface.

Anyway, the more I find out about washi tapes, the more I appreciate it.  It’s pretty relaxing by just looking and admiring the pretty designs and colors!


Note: Prices may vary due to various factors.  But the fundamental is still there.  Speaking of money, sometimes it’s kinda sensitive.  Some might think it’s cheap while some might say it’s reasonable.  All of us can have our own thought.  But more importantly, you purchase it because you like it, you believe it’s worth the price and you are going to use it to make some personalized gifts either for yourself or for others.

Find out more about mt tapes here.

Find out more about other types of decorative washi tapes here.


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  1. March 11, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    Another thing is that it’s not sticky I love washi tape but it’s not the greastest thing to buy personally… I use lots for decorating but it peels off after a while 🙁

    • March 13, 2016 / 12:05 pm

      Hi Ella, thanks for your comment. I agree that it’s not so sticky for certain type. Due to the nature of washi tape, the adhesive is usually low tack. Partly for it to be able to remove and re-position easily. From our experience so far, sticking on paper is so far so good. It could be tricky on certain surface. If you want, you can share with us the tape that you mentioned or your decoration. See if we have the same type and if we could help. Or, if you want your decorations to be more permanent, you can try applying something like Mod Podge on top. Here’s an article written about it which I’ve tried. Hope it helps.
      Washi tape phone case

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