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Actually this blog is more than just washi tape.

Since the name is Washi Magic, let’s start off with these little tiny washi tapes.

About Washi Magic - a blog about washi tape, explore different crafts and spread some encouraging words | Washimagic.com

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To put it briefly, washi tape is effortless to use.

It can be used solo (admiring it as an art piece without you doing anything) or it can be used together with other objects (not just collecting but turning it into stunning projects).

You will realize how easy it is to be happy and simple.

This is the washi way to happiness!

Speaking of simplicity, it does not mean that it’s cheap or ugly.

It can be beautiful, elegant, classic, stylish, and nostalgic.


Often times, a simple meal like salad or a bowl of noodles can be so much more delicious and healthy than lobster.

We all are getting busy, right?  Endless work to finish, endless household chores to do; plus we need to spend time with family and friends; not to mention there are many other things need to be done.

How much me-time can you find to do what you love to do?  Half an hour, 10 minutes or none at all?

  • Have you ever thought of crafting, but dreading you don’t have the time to complete the project?
  • Other than not having enough time, you might be afraid that you have to buy lots of tools to only get a piece of your artwork done?
  • Are you worried about not having enough storage space to keep all the crafting tools?
  • Are you afraid of spending too much money on unnecessary stuff like washi tape?


I understand.

This blog is created not because I want you to buy those little pretty tapes from our online store.  Although I admit that it’d be wonderful if you’d take a look at it, and make a purchase should you find it lovely and useful for your arts projects. 🙂

Update: There are some changes about our store lately.  You can find the details in these two articles, Shopping Guide and Shop Online Now.


But more importantly, let me tell you something.

I’ve tried different things yet certain projects just take way too long.  What a shame to have those unfinished projects.  I’ve bought many different things such as stickers, embellishments, craft stamp, craft punch, cardstock etc thinking that I’d use them but guess what… I’ve to find ways to store all these “precious” stuff.

Sometimes it’s quite a headache combining all these little “puzzles” into something spectacular especially if one is not that creative.

And finally found an easier way.

I also discover something else while writing all of the articles thus far.

I learn something more than just pretty masking tapes (as mentioned here, there are a few other ways to call this little tape).  What else I could talk about this little tiny thing other than being pretty and cute?

I find that it can actually relate to some stories which I have long forgotten.  It’s exciting when I think of this.

This blog not only documents my crafting journey but also serves as a great reminder of the stories… only those that I want to keep.

It was a hot afternoon.  I was a little grumpy and impatient due to the heat (blame the weather?) and possibly some other things.  I was checking each product while taking photographs.

Gradually, I noticed my mood changed from negative feeling to admiration due to the beautiful and artistic pictures on the tapes.  I forgot about the heat and impatience.

I just felt relaxed, calm and grateful again.

There are of course many other ways to make you think and relax.

Here on Washi Magic blog, we’ll also explore different types of other crafts that you can learn and start.  If you ever feel like giving up (which we all have at some point), allow me to share with you some Encouraging Words that keep you going forward, okay?

Anyway as I said earlier, washi tape is easy to use and I’ll show you in a pleasant way.  So nothing is heavy or serious!

If you are planning to do some crafting and don’t know where or how to begin, give this small yet gorgeous washi tape a quick start.


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