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Here’s an update about the giveaway just in case you missed the earlier blog post about mt maki maki.

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Yes, you got that right.  This is the first ever giveaway that I’m going to send to one lucky reader as a token of appreciation.  All you need to do is to subscribe to our mailing list.

Note: The giveaway is already closed.  However, you can sign up to get future updates.

One winner will be picked randomly.  I’ll be back on 15 April 2016 (Friday) to write another update about this on the blog here.

To recap:

Here’s what you’ll be getting.

The gift is the round core with gorgeous washi tape samples as shown below.

Giveaway - round core and washi tapes | Washimagic.com


The picture below is to let you see the difference between the standard size washi tape (the big rolls) and the mini size.

Update about the giveaway | Washimagic.com


How to enter & giveaway rules:

  • Join our mailing list
  • The washi tape samples will be sent to you anywhere in the world.  If the place can’t be sent, another winner will be selected
  • The length of each tape is about 18″ (45cm).  Please note that I didn’t measure exactly.
  • The Winner will have 2 days to respond.  Should the winner fail to respond within the timeframe, a new winner will be selected.

If you haven’t tried any sort of washi tape or decorative masking tape before, this is a good chance for you to try out.  If you have already tried, these washi tape samples and mt round core will also add to your collection.

Hope you like the giveaway and thank you for your participation!

Good luck!

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