Washi Tape Mother’s Day Card

Right after the gold washi tape birthday card, I jump straight to creating a simple and meaningful washi tape Mother’s Day card which you can do that, too.

Washi tape Mother's Day Card | Step-by-step guide | mt masking tape | decorative washi tape | Washimagic.com

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I really don’t want to bring up how time flies by these days.  But don’t you think it’s true?

I remember our delightful and delicious reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve and our happy get-together moment with others happening not too long ago.  And now we are moving towards the end of March!  And I’m sharing washi tape Mother’s Day card in today’s blog post?!

Are you excited?  Or, are you worried?  Do you secretly wish that time could just stop for a moment so that you could do more stuff?

I don’t know about you… but you can share with me in the comments below or email.

I’m already feeling a bit panicking… I have so many books/e-books yet to read let alone implement, countless blogs and websites waiting for me to discover, checking out ways to see if we can find some new stock for our online store, how to write and promote better, little washi tapes and crafts stash are yelling at me, “Use me!  Use me please!”, plus if I could find time to travel and see the spectacular world… and many more.

See I told you here that I’m a multi-passionate person.

Despite feeling panicking and overwhelming, the utmost important thing is to remember updating the blog and sharing with you the latest mini washi tape project.

This is actually not so mini because it’s a greeting card… bigger than the usual bookmarks that featured before. 🙂

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The polka dot is actually a scrapbook paper which I’ve used a quarter of it.  As for the size of this card, I simply followed the size of an unused New Year’s card which is perfect!  Almost half of the paper is gone so as to minimize wastage.


Why Mother’s Day card?

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May in Malaysia.  It’s also the same in the United States and many other countries.  But it’s different in England.

There are so many different dates celebrating Mother’s Day…

Even though I feel like I’m too “efficient” this time, and there’s still a month’s time to go, it’s better to prepare early rather than late, right?

Another reason is that the scrapbook paper looks vintage and nostalgic to me.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.

But I just think that it suits well for my mom.  Because when you open up her wardrobe, all you can see is red, orange, yellow and bright blouses hanging in the closet.  You can hardly find such other colors as black, gray, white… unless pants.

So, let’s see the ingredients.


Material used for the washi tape Mother’s Day card:  


Step-By-Step Guide For Washi Tape Mother’s Day Card

Step 1

Use your existing greeting card to measure the size for your new card.  Alternatively, the measurement here is W6.6” x H9” (16.8cm x 22.9cm) when open up.

Use scoring board and bone folder to measure it in half and fold.  This will make the fold looks nice and crisp.  Round the corners.


Step 2

Place the white paper in the middle and use masking tape to seal all four edges.  Since I don’t have any “Happy Mother’s Day” stamp yet, I just use a “Love” sticker to represent that.  If you have one, simply use your own stamp.

Then add hemp rope at the bottom.

The quality of the tape is simply fantastic which it’s already been covered in the mt masking tape series.  Click the links to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


Step 3

Floral washi tape Mother's Day card | Washimagic.com


This is the only flower punch (in terms of size) I have so I go ahead with this one.  Fortunately the size is just nice for the card – not too big or small.  If you have another type, by all means go ahead.

Use scrapbook paper, patterned paper and paper cover with washi tape to punch out different flowers.

The flowers are placed “strategically” so that it’s not too cluttered in one place.  Plus, there are 13 flowers.  Do you know why?  At first, I was not very sure how many to put but suddenly there’s one little voice telling me why not 13… this is because my mom’s birth day is on the 13th.

Even though it is a Mother’s Day card and not a birthday card for mom, placing 13 flowers on this card just make it meaningful in my opinion.

Use the masking tape to create the horizontal lines at the bottom so that it doesn’t look to plain. 😉


Step 4

The little flowers still look rather dull at this stage.  I wanted to add something like pearls or gemstones but realized that I’d finished them all.  What to do?

Glossy accents!  Use it to highlight and create some kind of crystal effect in the middle of the flower.  It may not look as obvious as pearls or gemstones; again, it’s a different type of effect.

Note: I get to know about glossy accents because of her videos creating many beautiful gorgeous cards.  Click here to watch if you are interested.


Suggestion: Is There Anything Else To Improve? 

There are definitely many other ways to improve this washi tape Mother’s Day card.  Perhaps I’ll do it differently if I were to start from scratch again.

The only concern is that I need to make use of the washi tape because of this blog!  Honestly, I wasn’t sure which one to use when I look at the mountain of tapes.  But when I found this yellow floral patterned mt tape, I thought that’s it.  The yellow is just nice with an Oriental-feel.

Two more things I’d like to share with you are 1) tear the paper tape by hand to create a handmade feel; 2) the tape is semi-transparent as you can see through the dots.  Hence, this is something you may want to take note before purchasing.  Some of you may prefer semi-transparent masking tape like this while some prefer a different one.

Thank you for reading!

What do you think of this red and yellow combination Mother’s Day card?  What would be your version?


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