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Update: I have already updated the “Shopping Guide” and “Shop Online Now!“.  You can click the links here or find them under the tab “Shop” to read more.  The “Product List” under the tab “Shop” will be removed later as they are going to retire this feature.  (Update 2: The “Product List” is available now in a new format.  Just click on the “Shop” in the top menu)

The product links to our online store will be changed to our affiliate partners if relevant which I’ve explained in the articles mentioned above.  I’m currently doing and updating the links.  (Update: Already completed)

You can read more info about affiliate partners here.  Thank you!


Here’s the latest update on shopping info and I would like to let you know.  I think the best way is to write it here as a blog entry.

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This article contains affiliate links.  Please read my disclosure for more info.


So, today is going to be a short post… not much text or pictures.  Does it sound good to you?

You may be wondering where to purchase washi tape other than from our store.  You may have noticed there are links back to the store if you want to see more pictures or shop.  But, you may also be wondering if there is any other way for you to buy.

Update: As mentioned here and here, the links to our store will be replaced with affiliate links.


I’ve been thinking for quite some time to update the “Shop Online Now” page under the tab “Shop” (see the menu above).  The main reason is to give you some suggestions about where to look for washi tape and related products should you want to get some.

However, to be honest, I’m not very sure how to pen it to make your virtual shopping experience a smooth sailing one.  I’ve finally come to a conclusion which I’ll briefly go through with you here and you can click on the links mentioned below to get more details.  Hopefully it works well for you.

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Basically, you can purchase the products either from our virtual store as you may already know since you can find the links in most of the articles on my blog here.  Or, you have the option to purchase from my affiliate partners such as Amazon and others.

First off, I’ve added a new article titled “Shopping Guide”.  This guide will let you know how you can purchase and why.  Click here to read more.

The next one is an old article titled “Shop Online Now” which I’ve re-written to make it clearer if you want to shop at our online store based in Malaysia.  The old one looks like this…

Shop online now old screenshot |


Click here to see the updated version.

It is still experimental including this “Latest Update” blog post.  I guess if there’s any important information or announcement, I shall add that into the latest update.  Anyhow, there may be changes as I try them out.

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Let me know what you think, okay?  Is that clear?  Or, is it even confusing?  I appreciate your input and feedback.  Thank you!


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