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I can’t wait to show you the best-selling washi tape products for the first time.

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Isn’t it weird that we don’t even have a best seller section in our store?

The majority of the e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, eBay, or other sites, usually have a section for best-selling products to let you see which one is more popular.

But this also got us thinking, why do we need to mention the best-selling washi tape products?  By the way, washi tape is our main item at the moment.

Since we don’t see the point (yet), we only have a “Featured Products” section to highlight some items you might have missed.

Update: I’ve already removed the “Featured Products” due to some changes, which you can find here.


If we were to sum up why, here are the 3 reasons:

Purchasing is subjective or personal preference

Don’t you think it’s pretty subjective when it comes to buying?  To me, it’s more like a personal preference.  Do you always find the best-selling products beautiful and practical?  Do you often buy the most popular ones recommended by others?

Yes, of course, you can take a look at the top 10 best products so you’ll have an idea of what to purchase.  But at the end of the day, you have a choice.


Don’t want to be biased

You see, our main product is washi tape currently; we just don’t want to be biased.  We feel kind of uncomfortable showing merely the top best-selling washi tape products on our site.  There are so many other pretty little tapes worth being seen and purchased.

We love all kinds of those tiny crafty items and are always amazed by the variety of designs, colors, and styles on such small tapes.  We sincerely hope you feel this way too.


Different case if one plans to sell

Okay, this is a biggie if you plan to sell. Before you decide to sell something, it’s better to check out the top 10 best-selling products or the most popular products.  It gives you some ideas about the demand for a particular product in the market.

With that said, this is not the only way to gauge, as we need to consider other factors to find the best-selling items.  If you search carefully, sometimes hot selling products are not necessarily the most popular ones, but the business is still doing well.


So, why do we want to share our best-selling washi tape products now?

Firstly, it’s out of curiosity since we keep seeing the same patterns over and over again.

Secondly, the two previous blog posts – “my top 10 favorite washi tapes” and “2 more unique washi tapes you should try” inspire me to write this.

As mentioned, it’s fun selecting my top 10 favorites, and it’s surprisingly easy to discover without thinking much.  However, these top 10 are just my preference which you may or may not like.

And the other article is something I’ve found out quite unexpectedly.  These 2 masking tapes are attractive but didn’t really pay attention until I did something about it.  It’s similar to trying out a new dress.  You can see and tell that the dress is stunning and gorgeous, but if you never try it out, you won’t be able to know if it’ll look nice on you or not.

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When it comes to selling, it’s eye-opening to find out different people have preferences.

Below is a list of the best-selling washi tape products.  It is based on the sales from our online shop only (not just our personal preferences):

mt ex Flag Masking Tape

Best selling washi tape products mt ex flag masking tape MTEX1P82 |

We like this mt tape, too!  Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also practical and easy to use partly because of the bigger width than the normal one.  It’s suitable for party-themed craft projects or snail mail.  Please click here to see a sample.

Get from: Amazon


mt ex Colorful Pop Masking Tape

mt ex colorful pop masking tape MTEX1P74 |

Even though the design seems all over the place and colorful, its white background kind of makes the whole thing balance.  If you want to decorate something white or enhance a dull space but not too much, the abstract pattern will make your object look pop, adorable yet subtle.

Get from: Amazon


mt ex lace kalocsa

mt ex lace kalocsa masking tape MTEX1P105 |

Why is this popular?  If you fancy lace, flowers, embroidery, and a bit of feminine touch, then this is a must-have item.  Can’t find real embroidery work?  Use this mt masking tape as a temporary solution.

Get from: Amazon


mt Slim Black and White Washi Tape

mt slim black and white washi tape MTSLIM21 |

It’s not a surprise to see this slim black and white mt tape on the list.  I have used it numerous times.  There are 3 slim tapes in a set with slight variations in designs that complement each other.  Use this to divide your planner or diary into different sections.

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Get from: Amazon


mt Slim Red Brown Gold Washi Tape

mt slim red brown gold washi tape MTSLIM12 |

Can you spot which tape you can use to decorate an envelope?  Yes, the red one.  For instance, get a white envelope, decorate all 4 edges of the envelope, and see what you’ll get.

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Get from: Amazon


mt Slim Orange Pink Green Washi Tape

mt slim orange pink green washi tape MTSLIM20 |

mt slim masking tape again.  This set is also practical and effortless to use.  Not to mention that you’ll get 3 rolls in a set for the price of one.  The length of each roll is 10m (33 feet).  It’s a pretty good deal.

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Get from:


Morocco Tile Washi Tape

Aimez le style Morocco tile washi tape |

We are grateful for the support of our lovely customers who purchased this Morocco tile washi tape from Aimez le style.  We also like it very much.

It’s not because we don’t appreciate it if you buy something else.  The fact is that we were not very sure if this was going to sell.  The whole design is pretty rich and dramatic yet unique.  The blue and the pattern are attractive as if having some kind of magnetic power to pull you in.  (Oops… better stop here as my description is getting weird but hope you also like this 🙂 )

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London Washi Tape

Aimez le style London washi adhesive tape |

Glad to see this in here.  I’ve talked about the London washi tape before.  This special adhesive tape from Aimez le style brings back so many memories when I was there.

Have you been there?  If not, would you like to include London in your next travel plan?  Use this to embellish your travel journal or scrapbook.


mt Slim Pink Green Orange Washi Tape

mt slim pink green orange masking tape MTSLIM19 |

Oh, one more slim tape set but different designs.  Not only is the slim tape versatile, but you can also combine all 3 rolls into one design.  In other words, use it as it is individually or combine all 3 tapes and see what you can come up with.

Get from: Amazon


mt ex Sakura Washi Tape

mt ex sakura masking tape MTEX1P85 |

This is a sweet and romantically mesmerizing floral tape.  Okay, it’s too descriptive.  I hope to explain it to you better so that you’ll have an idea if you haven’t had a chance to grab a real tape.  It’s pink, but please don’t expect the color bright or too pinkish if it’s something you can’t quite accept.

The pink is exquisite and not too overwhelming.  You can see a sample of combining ribbon and this floral tape for a snail mail project.

Get from: Amazon


So, what do you think of these 10 washi tapes?  Do you find any that you fancy?

I hope you find this list helpful, especially if new to washi tapes.  The best-selling washi tape products won’t mean much if you don’t find them practical, and of no use to you.

It’s just a way of telling you that we sell better these 10 items so far.  But as I went through the list, I also found that the designs listed above are not too bizarre that you can’t use right away.

Anyhow, I’d like to hear from you…

Do you think it’s important to have a “best-selling products” section?  Why?


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