Unique Gifts For Him On Valentine’s Day: Sharing With You My Humble Samples


What kind of unique gifts for him on Valentine’s Day?  Would that be some special handmade cards, shirts, gadgets, books, cell phone case, unusual DIY gifts, candle-lit dinner or a weekend getaway?

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The suggested gifts above seem getting expensive, right?

I just wrote about red envelopes for Chinese New Year and now I’m writing about making special gifts for him on Valentine’s Day.  It’s certainly a busy time celebrating different occasions.

February 14 is Valentine’s Day.  Not only is it the seventh day of Chinese New Year, it’s also Sunday!  How can someone forget that?

Have you thought of any special gifts for him (boyfriend/husband) on Valentine’s Day?  Do you have any idea what to gift… ready-made or handmade?  I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got for him in the comments below!

Or, just forget the V-Day and give nothing because you’ve no idea what to gift since your guy seems to have everything.

I hear you.

Giving special gifts for men can be an uphill task.  All you can think of is those normal colors such as white, black, gray, beige, green, blue, brown etc.  You can of course use different shades such as light gray or dark gray or add patterns like geometry or lines to make the design interesting.

But say if I’m really stuck for inspiration like right now, I’d go to Pinterest to get some ideas.  That’s why I’ve created one board especially about creating cards for guys.  Pop over if you’d like to see more!


Just take an example about a scrapbook album I made for a baby boy.  I kept reminding myself to use colors, designs and embellishments that are more masculine… meaning forget about pearls, pink, flowers, lace or anything that’s girly.

I remember someone told me before that it’s kind of boring going to boy’s department only buying pants, pants and more pants because she has 3 sons!

There’s a modern and fashionable mom (she has 2 boys) who occasionally likes to dress up her baby boy such as wearing pink skirt or hairband.  The baby boy may look like a girl at first glance because of his unique feature.

Some people commented that it’s not good for the baby boy.  Even though he’s still a baby, this group of people still thinks that he should be wearing what a boy is supposed to be wearing.

While the other group of people seconded the mom that she has the right to dress up her baby be it a boy or a girl.  She’s just being playful and fun.  A few of other moms admitted that they did the same when their boys were small.

What do you think?

If the mom knows what she’s doing, it’s really up to her.  After all she knows her son better than all of us.


On the contrary, I once came across a guy who’s wearing bright red pants.  I still remember vividly because I could hardly see any guy wearing anything like that in a corporate world environment.  What a smart and daring way to stand out!

Is pink only for girls?  I saw a guy wearing pink shirt and gray vest.  I immediately thought it’s such a nice combination!  He still looked smart, handsome, masculine and presentable.

There’s an article in the newspaper not too long ago about fashion trend for men.  I can’t remember what’s written exactly because I glanced too fast 😉  However, it’s about adding some feminine designs on men’s fashion… It’s time for a slight change, right?

Finding balance in between masculine and feminine is key.


Why am I telling you all these which seem nothing to do with unique gifts for him on Valentine’s Day?

The easiest way would be getting him a shirt, a book, some gadgets, candle-lit dinner or even a weekend getaway.  But this might be beyond your budget.  Giving him money could be ideal so that he could buy whatever he needs.  Yet, this costs money.  You can’t just give 5 bucks, can you?

So if there’s anything way out of your budget or expensive, he should be the one paying for it… haha!  Just kidding.

Without further ado, let’s see what’s next…


Unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him: use washi tapes to create 2 distinctive styles on cell phone cases

We’ve bought a few phone cases which are inexpensive and plain.  You can certainly do nothing with these cases or you can use some unique washi tapes to decorate.

Note: Click on the images to enlarge.

Use dark brown mt masking tape to cover up the whole or partial area, then use another bright color to pair with it.  Add the “lips” deco tape to have some fun.


Use black stripe mt tape and join all the lines together.  Add a few vintage car masking tape if your boyfriend/husband loves cars.  Add the black and white polka dots to make the whole thing lighter.

Use mod podge if you want to have another protective layer on top and also to make the tapes more permanent.  Otherwise, you can skip this step.


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Valentine's day's card for man


The green cardstock here is unusual.  I’ve totally forgotten where I bought it and don’t understand why I bought such color.  Even though this is my least favorite green, it’s quite suitable to make a personalized card for man.

I especially like the black masking tape with handwritten signature from Somitape.  It’s stylish and artistic.  Can you see the word “Love”?  The silver heart shape is removable and you can write something special behind it.

Thanks for reading till the end about my humble samples!  Not only are they fairly simple, easy and quick to make, they are also inexpensive.

Hope you enjoy crafting using some of your favorite washi tapes that are “manly”!

Whatever unique gifts for him on Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is you wanted to do it and do it with all your hearts.

Sometimes, the little things do count.  Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

What have you got for him on this special day?


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