My Top 10 Favorite Washi Tapes Are Simple To Use And Practical


Today I’m going to be sharing with you… my top 10 favorite washi tapes!  I just had this thought some time ago, why not share my favorite cute washi tapes here on the blog.

My top 10 favorite washi tapes are easy to use and practical |

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Is it because it’s easy to find the top 10 favorite washi tapes?

Is it because I wanted to show you how many cute tapes we have?

Nope.  None of the above.

We’ve been collecting various types of washi tapes; ever since I stumbled across the first music decorative tape.

Now, we have to use several boxes to hold all these “precious” tapes.  We haven’t counted how many rolls we have.  It should be over 100 but probably less than 200.

Most of them are available on our little online store.  Some of them are purely our collection.  Even though there were some pretty masking tapes we wanted to keep as samples (add to our collection and for photography purposes), sometimes we just had to let go.

Why?  Because customers wanted that last piece.  Another reason is all about sharing.  Instead of keeping to ourselves, we’ll be glad if you knew the beauty and practicality and wanted to purchase.  Of course, the samples are brand new.

Otherwise, we would have gotten more tapes…



Speaking of decorative masking tape, the mt brand tends to be the first many people know.

We do have quite a huge range of mt masking tapes, and for some reason, mt sells better than the other.  It is because mt is the pioneer and more widespread among crafters and planner/stationery enthusiasts.

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Not only is the quality of mt superb and consistent, but the designs and colors are also unique and beautiful.

However, other than mt, we also bring in different washi tape brands that are marvelous, too, which I’ll mention briefly in the top 10 list below.  No matter how good mt masking tape is, it’s a bit tough to find all the designs and colors in one brand.

For instance, you could be looking for a specific design or color which is not available (yet) in the mt tape range.

Don’t get me wrong.  I adore the mt brand.

I could have shown you my top 10 favorite mt tapes instead.  It’s just that my top 2 are already 2 different brands. 🙂

You know what… I thought it was hard to find my top 10 favorite washi tapes out of the 100+ rolls.  But when I open up all the boxes, it’s surprisingly a quick decision.

The most important thing is not to overthink – is this tape pretty or do I really like that one – or else you’ll not be able to discover your favorites since they are all stunning and beautiful!

I also ignore if it’s a match made in heaven or not.  I am only concerned if I like it in terms of designs and colors.

So, you’ll see different decorative tape brands, types, and materials in the top 10 list below that are simple to use and practical.  Some have already been shared on the blog here, while some are new.

Without further ado, join me for a fun challenge to discover…


My Top 10 Favorite Washi Tapes

#1 – Shinzi Katoh Squarely          

Shinzi Katoh Squarely masking tape |

This is one of the first washi tapes that comes to my mind.  Should I say love at first sight?  The hand-drawn design is simply captivating.  Seriously, I’m not very sure how to describe it exactly, but the design gives you space to fill in the blanks and imagine.

You could look at it as uneven squares.  Or, you could see it as colorful windows.  We were glad this sold out quickly when first available in our online shop.

2 minor setbacks, though.  The washi tape paper itself is a bit thinner than other brands, plus the edge at the end of the tape tends to roll up.  However, you can use Mod Podge to solve it.  Here’s a sample.

The unique design clearly outweighs the minor setbacks and gains the number 1 spot here.

Get from:



#2 – mt 1P Deco Border Peach

mt deco border peach masking tape |

I hope you don’t find me exaggerating when I said in the article here that this is the nicest pink washi tape I’ve come across.  It’s not necessary to say much about the quality, which has already covered here.

Pink is not so much a popular color, in my opinion.  I’ve met people who like it very much, just like me, while others who can’t take the girly pink.

Is pink considered too girly and feminine?  Some guys wear pink and match it with other colors, such as gray or navy blue.  I think they still look smart and masculine.

Anyhow, I don’t want to force you to like this pink washi tape since it’s subjective but give it a tryYou can find a sample here.

Get from: YesStyle



#3 – maste Hot Air Balloon

maste hot air balloon washi masking tape |

We just added maste hot air balloon washi masking tape, and it quickly rose to the 3rd position in my top 10 favorite washi tapes. 🙂

I’ve been getting a little obsessed with hot air balloons lately.  I’m not sure if I will try a real one.  But for now, such a design will definitely get my immediate attention.

For example, while I was trying to dig deep looking for my ideal bed sheet designs, suddenly, the one with a hot air balloon pattern appeared right in front of me.  I quickly grabbed and bought it.

Maste is another fantastic Japanese washi tape brand you don’t want to miss.  Hopefully, we’ll get to share more about it soon.

Get from:



#4 – maste Cityscapes Around the World

maste cityscapes around the world |

The number 4 position is a bit special.  Instead of 1 piece, it’s a set of 3.  I’ve had a tough time picking one only.  Since the designs of these 3 washi masking tapes are somewhat related, it’s best to put them together and make a set.

All 3 of them are also maste washi masking tapes under Mark’s Inc, another well-known Japanese brand.

Whenever I look at these 3 tapes, these 2 words come to my mind – stunning and spectacular!  Even though the pictures look small on the masking tape, the overall design, color saturation, and quality are delicate and wonderful.

If you are enthusiastic about travel and planners, these excellent washi masking tapes will look great in your journal or scrapbook.  So now, do you have the urge to start planning your next trip?

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Get from:



#5 – Aimez le style and Space Craft Umbrella Washi Tapes – bought the same theme but 2 different brands

Do you use an umbrella no matter what the weather is?  I know some people will never use an umbrella.  They would rather wear a raincoat.  My cousin bought several umbrellas at one time but rarely used any unless necessary…

I used to have a small umbrella in my bag just in case.  Somehow I feel safe having one in my bag.

It’s particularly more so when I was in London since the weather is unpredictable sometimes.  But sadly, the umbrella couldn’t really last long regardless of the price due to the strong wind!

Some people enjoy the sunshine outdoor without using umbrellas.  However, not only do some people wear long sleeves but also use umbrellas no matter what!

Don’t you think umbrella designs can also be creative and attractive?

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Get this here:



#6 – Aimez le style Bus Stops Washi Tape

Aimez le style bus stops Japanese washi tape |

There are 2 reasons that make us want to get this bus stop washi tape – 1) we always adore Aimez le style products, and 2) from what we know is that we can hardly find any washi tape that’s illustrated about people.

The more I look at it, the more I feel as if all these people are having conversations with each other.  The picture seems real to me.  If you think you aren’t so good at drawing/illustration, this bus stops masking tape from Aimez le style will surely liven up your journal.

The bus stop is a common public area that most people have experienced.  You’ll see many different people and if they really have patience lining up to get on the bus or not.

The famous double-decker bus in London is a convenient public transport I relied on when I was there.  The most embarrassing moment was chasing the bus, hoping that it would stop for us… luckily the driver was kind enough to wait for us!



#7 – Aimez le style Airmail Label Washi Tape & Somitape Retro Style Air Mail

It’s not surprising that if the washi tape is related to mail, be it stamp or airmail sticker, I will include them in my top 10 favorite washi tapes.

So it’s no difference here.  I choose airmail masking tape by Aimez le style and Somitape.  Both have the same theme, but the designs and styles are dissimilar.

If you enjoy decorating snail mail, these types of airmail masking tapes will come in handy.  Not only are they easy to use, but they are also practical.

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#8 – mt Nordic Italiensk Blomsterhylla

Italian flowers mt masking tape |

This is another beautiful mt masking tape, which I must include in this top 10 favorite washi tapes.  It’s part of the designer range where mt collaborates with amazing designers and illustrators in Northern Europe.

I just love its elegance, simplicity, uniqueness, and colorful flower pots.  It also mysteriously gives me some cooling effect (whenever I look at it) due to our hot weather here. 🙂

Get from:



#9 – mt ex Hana R Flowers Masking Tape

mt ex hana flowers masking tape |

Speaking of floral decorative tape, I’d say I like this the most.  Even though it only has 4 different types of flowers which it’s kind of limited, I still think that it’s easy to use and practical.

Say, for instance, you wanted to make something simple, special yet quick thank you gifts for teachers, and the theme is a flower.  Why not use this mt floral tape to adorn gift tags?

Check out some samples here to see how you can use them.

Get from: Amazon



#10 – Dailylike Fabric Tape Beach Flower

Dailylike fabric tape beach flower |

Dailylike is one of the brands that we love, love, LOVE!  Perhaps you have already noticed that I keep mentioning fantastic brands such as Aimez le style, maste, Somitape, mt, and now Dailylike.

It seems like all of them are superb and something not to be missed.  No wonder our lovely customers told us that it’s hard to choose which washi tape to buy!

Honestly, I don’t mean to confuse you.  These products are really good, at least in my humble opinion.  Just one thing to be cautious though simply expects washi tape as a low-tack craft item.  It usually sticks well on most paper but maybe not much on some surfaces.

Oh, I should be talking about Dailylike, a Korean lifestyle brand.

The beach flower fabric tape (or usually applies to their overall design) is simple, elegant, delicate, yet mature.  It gives you a sense of tranquility and serenity.  The fabric tape is beautiful, and the blue looks exceptionally lovely in real!

Since fabric tape is new to us, we’ve yet to try it but are already in love with the quality.

How are you going to use such fabric tape?


Do you find any washi tape in the list above that you like?  Which one is your favorite?

It’s okay if you haven’t found any or you don’t like any of the top 10 above.  I understand that it’s subjective about colors, patterns, designs, and styles.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t have 100 washi tapes to start.  Why not begin with what you have?

Or, look at our store to find out your top 10?  Or, you can search elsewhere, be it online or offline, and see if you can give yourself a fun challenge to discover your favorite deco tape.

Thank you for reading!


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Check out list of mt masking tapes here

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7 years ago

I love the graphics. These are not found in my local craft store. I’ve been looking for some Washi tape with a little more pizazz. These fit the bill.