Decorative Rubber Bands Quick Tutorial

Let me tell you something first.

What I’m going to be showing you today – the decorative rubber bands quick tutorial – is fairly easy to make.  You can do lots of them but…

Use washi tape to make decorative rubber bands quick tutorial | easy DIY crafts | mt tape | Japanese washi tapes |

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…this is not my original idea.

I wanted to be upfront because I did not want to mislead you and make you think I was a genius. 🙂  Not sure of where the original idea came from.  If you do know, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or via email.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this little cute DIY and found it’s such a cool idea to use rubber bands.  I made a few of them in minutes.

Assorted decorative rubber bands diy


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The rubber band is just a regular item.  You might be wondering…

“What?  Rubber band?”

“What’s so great about it?  What can I do more with it other than wrapping or closing the bag?”

I used to have lots of rubber bands, be it in the house or office.  I usually got them from food packaging or mail.  Most of the time I had NO IDEA what to do with them.

Have you ever tried to use a rubber band to tie your hair either a) you can’t find a proper scrunchie or b) just too lazy to grab a scrunchie and use a normal rubber band instead?  Isn’t it hurt when you try to take out the rubber band?

Therefore, this is definitely not a good way to use a rubber band.

I’m not sure of your place, but here we can get rubber bands easily.  Not only are they tiny, but it’s also usually FREE (or already included in the price?), we tend to overlook and seldom pay attention to such a small item.  It’s either we ignore them completely or let them sit in one corner till everything becomes even stickier or broken.


One day, someone told me about how I could use rubber bands to prevent ants.  Use a few and wrap around just before the top container.  I tried, and it worked.

We also use some to “close” the remote control to prevent batteries from falling out.

That’s it.  That’s all I know about what to do with rubber bands.  If you want to know more, there’s another article here to find out how you can utilize them.

Anyhow, the main topic for today’s washi tape project is decorative rubber bands quick tutorial – combining both pretty masking tapes and rubber bands.

You may use it as a temporary hair tie or as a bracelet or beautify something ordinary, such as a bottle.

All you need is rubber bands, your favorite washi tapes, a small box, and scissors.


What materials required for making decorative rubber bands



So, let’s get started… decorative rubber bands quick tutorial:

Step 1

How to decorate rubber band step 1

Use the non-sticky part of the washi tape and wrap it around the box (i.e. the sticky part is facing you).  Don’t wrap too tight because you’ll need to remove it later.  Insert the washi tape closer to the edge of the box for easy removal later.


Step 2

How to decorate rubber band step 2

Add a rubber band on top of the sticky part of the washi tape, as shown in the picture above.


Step 3

How to decorate rubber band step 3

Use pretty tape again to cover the rubber band and wrap around the whole area.  No more stickiness here.


Step 4

How to decorate rubber band step 4

Now gently remove the decorative rubber band and it looks something like this in the picture.  Adjust the frills as the arrows shown in the picture.


Step 5

This is the end result of decorative rubber band

The decorative rubber band in step 4 will sort of bend by itself due to its elasticity.  Use both hands to squeeze into the middle and adjust accordingly so that the frills look natural.



Suggestion: 6 Things You Need To Take Into Consideration When Making Decorative Rubber Bands

1~ The rubber bands that I use in this project are small standard sizes.  If you have slightly larger ones, then you can make larger decorative rubber bands.


2~ If the rubber bands are already exposed to the air, they’ll lose their elasticity.  Hence, it’ll be hard to have desired shapes.


3~ Different box sizes will yield a different outcome.  See the picture below.  I use the same rubber bands but experiment with different box sizes.  The smallest box is mt 5P gift set, a medium one bigger than the gift set box, and finally mt 10P box.

Use different box sizes to make different decorative rubber bands


4~ The decorative rubber band is meant for temporary use.  This is because the rubber band itself will harden over time (pretty quickly in fact).  It’ll become even sticky and be broken into pieces over time.


5~ Some masking tapes may not stick well together so don’t be afraid to experiment a few more.


6~ Why not combine 2 different pretty washi tapes on both sides to add even more fun?  Say one side is red flowers and the other side is red polka dots.


Hope you enjoy this quick tutorial.  Have fun making decorative rubber bands, and share with us your projects in the comments below!



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