Why Send Snail Mail If You Can Email?


In today’s blog post, I’d like to discuss further about snail mail (refers to personal mail) again after the Envelope letter set series earlier.  Really… why send snail mail if you can email in today’s fast-paced environment?

Note: Other than emails, there are other forms of instant communications such as text messages (sms), Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Skype, Facebook messages, etc.  But for this article, I’ll just mention emails.

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Fast-paced means we have to do things fast enough in almost every area of our life, or we’ll fall behind.  We need to…

  • Work fast so that we can climb up the corporate ladder faster
  • Reply swiftly to each correspondence we receive, especially emails or other instant messages (you receive fast, and someone also expects you to reply promptly)
  • Pick up the call as soon as it rings (it’d be slow if it’s more than 3 rings)
  • Catch up rapidly with all the latest news and happenings so that we can have the hottest topics to talk about when we are with others, or else we look outdated
  • Run fast to win the marathon
  • Read fast so that we can read even more
  • Learn how to blog quickly so that more people can find you
  • Learn how to use social media to promote your business as quickly as possible so that you can get your message across FAST
  • Update new products quick enough so that your e-commerce store always stays new and fresh to entice more visitors and buyers
  • Eat fast so that you can have more time to do more quickly…
  • Talk fast, type fast, walk fast, FAST, FAST, FASTER!


There are more things you have to do at high speed, but I just stop here because I can already feel the stress and tension!

Anyway, you get the idea.

At one point, I simply couldn’t quite take the fast-paced things going on and on.  I’d drive a bit faster but safely (still following the road rules) to reach the destination.  I’d become impatient if I saw a long queue in the post office.  Plus, I expected my smartphone  to respond swiftly if I wanted to change the screen, and I’d feel irritable if it’s a wee bit slow.

Don’t get me wrong.  Doing things fast has its own advantage, too, such as the invention of electronic mail, commonly known as e-mail.  You can send your messages very quickly, and the recipient can get them fast if not right away.

“Please email me this.”

“I’ll email you that file.”

This conversation becomes so common nowadays.  However, one of my relatives insists that no email app on her mobile phone so that she doesn’t have to deal with emails ALL THE TIME.  She’ll only check when she opens her laptop.

I think this is pretty cool and smart.  You don’t have to be bogged down by the endless emails since they are 24/7 whereas snail mail is totally different.

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As I mentioned in this post here, snail mail does take time to prepare and get delivered to the recipient.  Depending on the locations, it could take days, weeks, or even months to reach.

It’s just way too slow if you were to send something important.  Of course, nowadays, you can also have other options like using express courier service but pricey.



So, why send snail mail if you can email?

Below is a list of pros and cons.

Snail Mail Email
Pros Pros

Personal yet not invasive

Learn how to write thoughtfully
on paper and send to your favorite people

Practice your handwriting.
You can, of course, type your letter
out of a computer but handwritten a
letter is much better

Check if the snail mail layout and
alignment looks okay, unlike typing
where the alignments can be
pre-set properly

Be able to feel and touch the
envelopes and letters

Be able to treasure the mails for
as long as you want, no matter how
torn they are.  You must have
come across many handwritten
papers which are so priceless.  Some
interviews require filling out the
form and write short essays by hand

Learn to be patient and slow down
because constructing
meaningful sentences do take
some time if you are not used to it

The best part is, you can learn
to be creative with snail mail
and decorate it using washi tapes
or some other craft items

Nice little surprises when you
receive real love letters from
the postman or in the mailbox

Send messages instantly

Environmentally friendly,
no need to print out as you can
save in your email account
or download elsewhere digitally

You can undoubtedly print out
any personal emails if you want to
but I still find them different.
I’d tried printing some
personal emails before.  I really
thought I could keep them like
keeping snail mails.  However,
after a while, I just discarded
all of them or recycled the papers

Set up an email account is
usually free, and you can email
as many as you want.  The only cost
is the internet usage

 Cons  Cons

It’s time-consuming from the
preparation for the delivery.
But, you can do batch processing
– send real mails when you go
to post office

Not so environmental friendly
due to the use of paper.
Use scrap paper instead
as mentioned in
these projects.

Not cost-effective as you have
to spend extra money
to buy an envelope, letter set
and stamps if you
are not into do-it-yourself stuff

You can still write thoughtfully
but due to the nature of emails,
one tends to write
fast and just click
send without checking

Many of us are bombarded by
all kinds of emails and spam mails.
No matter how I clean up
almost daily, I still get
many spam mails.  Not to mention
some of them are
pure fake, yet they look quite real.
So, got to be careful
especially if it’s related to money

Handwriting can be a bit
weird or ugly due to too much typing.  Sometimes I type so often on the keyboard,
I find myself almost forgetting
how to hold a pen or pencil
properly and write nicely and neatly.  Sometimes I can’t even read my own handwriting… horrible, I know



Are you convinced by now… why send a real letter?

Snail mail can also be in the form of envelopes and letters, cards, postcards, or even small packages as long as it’s handwritten (or do it yourself from scratch like these mini projects) and sent via postal service.

If not, why not read this article from uncustomary.org – 100 reasons to send snail mail?

This blog entry is actually inspired by it.  I’m so surprised to read that there are so many reasons and days you could make use of sending snail mails.  The article includes some common holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, New Year Celebration, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Thank you note, etc plus many other unusual holidays which you can take advantage of, for example, Friendship Day, or if you are in a long-distance relationship.

For us here in Malaysia, we also have other celebrations where you can send snail mail, for instance, Hari Raya celebration, Chinese New Year, and Deepavali celebration.

So, these are some suggestions you can use and send your first snail mail right away.

Last but not least, it’s still up to you.  You can have lots of reasons to write a letter, or you don’t need a reason at all.  Since sending real letters does take a bit more time and costs money, you can send it once in a while or during special holidays or celebrations.

The most important thing is to get started.  Grab a pen and paper, use some pretty masking tapes to decorate if you have some, write a few short encouraging sentences or a long-winded one, and mail them to your favorite people.

I can already see their broad grin when they hold your thoughtful snail mails in their hands.

What other pros and cons of snail mail and email?  Which one would you prefer?



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Yay for mail love! And thanks for linking back, I’m glad you love snail mail, too!