Snail Mail Project #4: DIY Garden Themed Envelope Letter Set – An Inexpensive Way To Make


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I’m not sure if you noticed that I tend to make mini envelope sets which you can’t send straight away via post.  Arghhh… But wait, I finally have something bigger size… not much but it’s at least something considered normal.

Anyway, you let me know.

Snail mail 4 DIY garden themed envelope letter set using bountiful and beautiful floral washi tape | washi tape craft ideas |

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Today’s project is all about lush, bountiful and beautiful flowers and green stuff which is suitable for sending special letters on Mother’s Day.  It’s inexpensive to make if you want to make a few more extra sets and don’t want to buy ready-made items in the market.

Some people may not like this floral mt tape at first glance just like me.  For me, the reason being that I prefer the other design like this one here.  However, the more I look at this rich garden, the more I appreciate its beauty.

If you look closer, not only is the flower gorgeous, it also has some sort of retro and vintage feel.  Do you agree?  If you are into that, you can even turn this envelope letter set into retro feel.

Garden masking tape by mt Japan

Speaking of garden, it makes feel like returning to England just for her enormous and fantastic parks and gardens.  It’s not because I went to all of them which is impossible but missed the cool weather (depending on the season) and the whole atmosphere.

For instance, two famous parks that I went to are Hyde Park and Kew Gardens during different seasons.  It’s nothing much to see during winter time except for the fresh air especially if you feel bored indoors.

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Nevertheless, it’s totally different if you visit during springtime.  I literally couldn’t wait to get out of the house and rushed out to see those beautiful flowers after a long and cold winter!  Why?  Because going to garden like this makes me feel energized, wide awake and full of hope at the same time.

Some floral pictures to show you here…

Beautiful and bountiful flowers


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Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to go to Hyde Park now.  I’m sure there are many more beautiful and wonderful gardens around the world no matter where you stay.  Another well-known place I know of is Keukenhof Park in the Netherlands.  What about cherry blossom season in Japan?  They have time limits though so plan your time well if you wish to visit.

Or, look around if you can find any garden or park near where you stay.  Can you find any where you can have a place to enjoy, relax and get some fresh air?  It doesn’t have to be a big one like I mentioned above, small garden and park are wonderful, too.

I believe going to places like gardens and parks can have positive effects on oneself especially if the air is cool, nice and breezy. 🙂  I wish I could go often and have picnic but I’m not so fond of the hot and humid weather which we get all year round over here…

Okay, enough chatter.  Let’s get back to this garden themed envelope letter set which is simple yet easy to handle.




How to make?

Step 1

The white paper that I choose for this snail mail project is just normal white paper or printing paper.  It is a bit thicker which is just nice.  I also discover that once you add and stick the washi tape, it’ll add some weight to the paper and make it even thicker.  You can make the whole thing looks nice and presentable even if it’s homemade or handmade.


Step 2

I use envelope punch board (again!) to fold and the envelope size becomes H4” x W6” (10×15 cm) after folding.  Fortunately, I remember to measure the letter or writing paper and the size is H5.7” x W3.7” (14.5×9.4 cm).  This step is important as I’ve made some which can’t be fitted into the envelopes.  Oops!


Step 3

Once you complete the above, just add the garden and the green lines masking tapes.  Just imagine the green gridline is the fence… so it looks like a country-style mail.

There are many ways to turn this easy snail mail project into something different from the above picture even if you use the same washi tapes.  You can “complicate” the design by adding glitter, rhinestone, beads, pearls and other little embellishments to make it more interesting and unique.

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Suggestion: What To Improve?

All in all, it’s surprising that this garden themed envelope letter set looks “perfect” to me. 🙂

There’s nothing else to suggest technically.  Although it might look slightly weird that the flowers stop kind of abruptly at the bottom left corner of the envelope.

If you know how to improve that area, please share it in the comments below or email me!

See bottom left of the envelope


How much does it cost?

The price is MYR14 (about U$3.50) for a roll of garden masking tape and the length is 10m (33 feet).  It’s about 10” I use for this mini project, thus that’s a lot to go.  There’s an article about pricing if you’d like to know more.

One last thing, the green lines that you see is standard width from mt product range which is 15mm (0.6 inches).  But you can alter the size by sticking less on the front and more to the back.  This gives an illusion as if it’s a slim tape.  Here’s an explantion about slim tape in case you are wondering what that is.


Stay tuned for my next snail mail project which is also about flowers but this time is something different as they look mysterious, secretive yet real!  Can you guess what is the main color?


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