Snail Mail Project #1: Classic Black & White Envelope Letter Set

Envelope letter set series:

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As mentioned in the previous blog post, what kind of excitement can one have when you open your mail box and all you can see is just boring white envelopes and promotional leaflets?  Unless there are checks in the mail!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the envelope and letter were beautiful black and white colors?

Snail mail project 1 black and white envelope letter set | classic & nostalgic snail mail | use washi tape to do letter set |

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Hence, the first snail mail project is this classic black and white with some old-style look.

This slim tape set from mt is popular and I’ve been using numerous times.  There are 3 tapes in a set but I use 2 in this mini craft project.

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Since it’s a set and you can mix and match in any way you like.  No more headaches having to see if the patterns and colors are matched.  If you have budget constraint or don’t know which deco tape to buy first, try this set!

mt slim tape black and white set


These envelopes and letters are so easy to create.  All you need is just paper and deco tape of your choice.  Feel free to incorporate other colored papers, patterned papers or scrapbook paper if you have some.

You’ll see some other materials used in this project and also the next few ones.  They are totally optional.

You can utilize what you have in the house or craft stash.  What about buttons or ribbons on your old clothes that you don’t want to wear anymore?  Use the buttons or ribbons then!  Therefore, it’s not necessary to buy new ones unless you really need.




How to make the classic black and white envelope letter set?

Step 1

Decide your preferred theme.  I find this way is much easier otherwise it’s kind of overwhelming to look at a mountain of pretty masking tapes… okay, just exaggerating.  But still having a particular theme in mind, the whole process is just a breeze.  If you are unsure of the theme, then choose a main color and start from there.


Step 2

Once you have a theme or main color, like in this example, find out the look and feel you fond of.  This is my first snail mail sample so I use black and white which is easy to begin with.  Do you want a clean and elegant black & white look?  Or, do you prefer something vintage black and white design?


Step 3

I am pretty happy when I find the washed-out effect polka dot patterned paper.  I attended a class and all the supplies were provided.  So, this is the leftover paper, no wastage!  I use one of my favorite crafting toolsenvelope punch board to make the envelope.


Step 4

To keep things simple, just lined up mt slim tapes on the left side on white paper, leaving plenty of white space to write.  The “Par Avion” sticker is a part of Aimez le style adhesive tape.

Aimez le style adhesive tape

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Step 5

This is optional.  Here I use Tim Holtz distress ink to sponge all edges – envelope and the letter – to give them a more nostalgic look.


Suggestion: What To Improve?

It’s best if you could use strong glue to stick the envelope.  The one that I use is just normal glue stick.  It sticks on normal paper but if you were to use it on a thicker paper, card or scrapbook paper like in this particular snail mail project, it’s not that strong.

Therefore, before sending out your handmade envelope, try the glue first and leave it for a few days and see if they hold tight or not.  Does this sound weird to you that I’ve to mention about gluing?

Please bear with me.  I know it sounds like “small stuff”.  Just notice the very same polka dot envelope does not stick well.  Simply use the glue stick for convenience sake.  I don’t want this happens to your envelopes’ projects.


Is there anything (maybe some stickers) you’d like to jazz up the classic black and white envelope letter set?  What are those things?

The next snail mail project is the opposite version… colorful party style.


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