Sea Creature mt Tape: Write Your Own Story


Note: If you want to know right away why this little tape can help you write your own story, click here.  Or, keep reading from here.


The washi tapes featured today, are mt ex sea (or marine) creature, and the brown stripe is mt deco stripe café au lait.

Sea creature mt tape in a journal

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The mt ex sea creature is part of the encyclopedia series namely animal, plant, bird, solar system, and mineral.

When we first ordered this (sea creature), we weren’t quite sure if this was going to sell.  But to our surprise, this is even more popular than the mt ex animal.

mt ex sea creature masking tape


Could the reason be many people love to explore the beauty of the big ocean and underwater?  They learn and get a professional diving license so that they can find out even more about it.  According to them, it’s beautiful, quiet, and colorful.

As for certain people, like me, can only go to the aquarium to observe.

Marine life



Anyway, I’d like to make it clear that this little masking tape is not an actual encyclopedia.  This is merely the company’s official product name.  You won’t be able to read the text on the washi tape because it’s way too small and kind of blurry.

However, from the pictures of the marine creatures, you can still figure out each of them such as clownfish, penguin, green sea turtle, seahorse, and dolphin.

The brown tape is added just to match it.

Brown stripes washi tape


Don’t you think this brown tape is beautiful in its own way?

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It’s understandable that sometimes it takes a while (or never?) to fall in love with certain colors, especially those in the darker and deeper hue.  This cool set has the same issue.

Perhaps my photography skill has yet to show the true beauty of this brown tape (and also the cool colors set).  Sometimes it’s hard to see from the screen and make a justification.  But if you have a chance to look at these colors in real, they’ll blow your mind. 🙂

Anyhow, it’s understandable that maybe you are not convinced.  As an online seller, I (must) learn how to appreciate different colors, styles, and designs such as this dark green tree masking tape.  It’s one of the advantages, isn’t it?



What can you learn from the sea creature mt masking tape?

I’m not sure if it’s “competitive” among sea creatures in the ocean.  Do they have to fight in order to survive?

There’s a saying here, “Big fish will eat small fish.”  It makes sense.  The bigger ones are usually stronger than the smaller ones.

However, each of these marine life has its own unique look, shape, colors, strengths, and weaknesses.  They have their own skills in order to survive.  Can you expect the fish to climb the tree?


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We, as human beings, have much more potential.  Not only each of us is special (we can’t be good at anything and everything but we do have our own set of strengths and weaknesses), we can learn, think, speak and have better strategies such as earning more money legally if that’s your goal, to live longer and better, and not just surviving.

On the contrary, if one is just surviving, perhaps he/she is not learning enough, not hanging around with the right people, refuses to improve oneself, not working hard enough to make each day a better one, or simply living each day in a muddle till the end of life.

Before I discovered this, I never thought that I could actually write a brand new page each day.  I never knew that I was the author of my life.

“You are the author of your life.”

“You are the director of your own movie.”




Why do you have the opportunity to write your own story?

Would it be easier that you write your own story or would it be better if someone else writes your story for you?

Writing a story doesn’t mean doing something fantastic or being the head of that big corporation or even being a super popular blogger.  Doing this “great” thing takes time.  I don’t want you to get trapped that only great people can do great things.

What I mean here is that sometimes the story can be as simple as being happy and positive regardless of the external circumstances.

For instance, if someone says something negative or leaves sarcastic remarks to you; will you get angry and be affected by the comments?

Will you think all day long that something must be wrong with you – that you are not good enough or that you don’t know much about X topic.

There were many times I let other people control my emotions and feelings.  If they were unhappy, I’d conclude that I was the cause (like not good enough).  If they said something negative, I’d delve deeper into the matter.

Oh, it was miserable.

That’s why I’m so glad to have found this – I actually have the opportunity to write my own story.  So do you.



How can you do so?

If this page is filled with negativity, I can just erase it and write something positive.

If this page is filled with anger, no problem, delete all of them and just write something that makes me happy.

Is this easy?  No, it does take some time to tell your mind to do so.  Otherwise, you can journal whatever you feel initially, such as disappointments, and then only start writing something more encouraging.

Well, this post is getting long.  I do hope it helps you in a way when using these mt ex sea creature masking tape and brown stripe decorative tape – you can create your own story and appreciate the uniqueness of yourself and others.

Do you believe that many things happen begin in our minds?  If you are the author of a novel, it’s entirely up to you the kind of story you want to create, be it magnificent or full of disappointment.


Note: Now I know why this sea creature mt masking tape is popular because I’ve used it before in this very same journal book which I just noticed!  Click here to read.



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