Flower Orange Vs Black Polka Dots: Match Or Not?


I’m not so sure if these 2 masking tapes (mt ex flower orange and mt slim black dots) are of good match.  Maybe yes… maybe no.

Flower orange vs black polka dots masking tapes


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Am I getting a little blurry since this is the last page of this particular Gratitude Journal book?

Or, am I too excited because I’m going to start a whole new notebook?

So, please help me out what do you think of these 2 mt tapes, okay?

The orange pattern mt tape is so much more obvious and brighter than the black polka dots.  Whenever I see this page from afar, my eyes are drawn to the orange.

mt ex flower orange washi tape

However, we’ve yet to find out why this particular washi tape is so lonely that it’s not yet taken.  Is this color not well-liked?

On the other hand, the mt slim black and white masking tape is relatively popular.  Black and white are classic combination, be it in fashion or accessories or whatever.

Thus, it’s the same in masking tape as well.  You can use these colors easily in your diary, journal, card making, scrapbooking etc.  Plus, the slim tape makes it easier to make columns and rows in the notebook.

Black polka dot adhesive tape

At first, I just added the slim black polka dot on top and bottom.  But guess what… sometimes things don’t go as planned.

There are some errors in the middle and correction pen is used to erase that.  The 2 slim mt tapes are added in the middle to cover up the white correction pen, however, it is not obvious on the screen.

You might be wondering what the Chinese saying is in the journal.

Have you ever encountered someone who tried to convince you in his/her own words without thinking much or even harshly?

Have you met someone who said something so direct without considering your feelings?

How do you feel?

Do you feel offended?  Is it hurt and painful?

Those people who say harsh things might defend themselves that (a) this is how they talk, (b) this is how they communicate openly and directly, (c) they just want to be frank and straightforward.


Perhaps they have forgotten that there are so many positive and encouraging words that they can use.  There are many ways to express and persuade someone.

Otherwise, what’s the purpose of having positive words?

This quote serves as a great reminder especially if one wanted to give advice or even “lecture” someone.


Take note of the other person’s feelings.

How would he/she feel if you use that word?  Is it blunt?  Is it way too negative?

It might seem troublesome but I believe that being a little bit more considerate and compassionate can go a long way.

There’s just a thin line between nice words and harsh words.  It’ll make or break, for example, a relationship.

Have you come across a mom scolds her child loudly in public without considering the child’s feeling?  Is it because the child is a child and doesn’t know anything about embarrassment?

Or, what about a man yells at a woman in front of other people?

Even though the intention might be good, such as the mom wanted the kid to behave better, you never knew how such experience would affect the kid later on.

Anyway, what are you going to do with this orange pattern masking tape?

Have you encountered someone who just talked without considering your feelings?  How do you deal with it?



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