What It Takes To Be Successful?


There are various factors to be successful.

But before this, how do you define success(es)?

Is it about status, money, fame, philanthropy, or simply being happy & positive?

What kind of success(es) do you think it’s considered successful?

Financial independence, be an entrepreneur, be a CEO of a large corporation, be a supportive employee, be a world traveler, be a great parent or be a successful blogger?

Let’s pause here for a moment.


The mt masking tape in today’s journal is mt ex tag and pink stripe washi tapes.

What it takes to be successful - mt ex tag

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The tag is quite easy to useHere’s another example (thank you tag).

The shapes of the different tags are already there.  You merely cut out the shapes and are ready to use, as shown in the journal above…

mt ex colorful tags masking tape

…I simply cut the washi tape without following along with the exact shape.  Simple and quick.

As I read one of the success quotes, I thought it’s perfect for the colorful tags.  What kind of things do you need to be aware of if you want to be successful?

“Time, patience, and perseverance.”


Real success takes time to reach your destination – where and what you want to be.  If you are looking for instant success, you need to think again if this is a real success.

It can take months or even years to be on the path to success.

I once read an interview of someone who’s doing business online.  There was no revenue at all at the beginning and the first few years but he worked hard, believed in his dream, and took time to work on it.  It paid off eventually after more than 10 years!  And this requires lots of…

…lots of patience.  Who can sit still for an hour?  Please raise your hand. 🙂


Being patient is such a powerful skill.  You’ve got to be patient if you are stuck in a long queue.  You need to be patient if you are stuck in a bad jam.  You need to be patient if you are in business or waiting to be promoted to a higher position.

Without patience, life will be quite chaotic and risky.  Imagine a really slow driver right in front of your car driving 20km/hour on a highway; would you give a gentle honk of the car horn, or would you rather give a deafening honk of a car horn?

This can tell a thing or two if someone is patient or not, right?

Imagine a long queue that seems to no end and yet you have to get something you really want.  Do you want to be patient or just throw tantrums?  Have you thought of the consequences if you lose your temper?

There are many real-life examples.


The second time I accompanied my cousin to the same clinic and the appointment time was supposed to be at 1 pm.  We reached there around noon time.  The clinic is notorious for its improper time management.  That means they won’t follow the appointed time and it can be delayed for hours.

Guess what time was our turn?  Almost 4 pm.  I began feeling impatient and told my cousin that I wanted to “lecture” the doctor about time management.  If you can’t take the appointed time, please don’t tell your patients to make appointments.  Instead, just let them walk in.

However, as I had this thought, I was also thinking about the outcome.  What if I said and the doctor didn’t like it?  Would he give the wrong medicine to my cousin, which might lead to something worse?


Of course, from a professional doctor’s point of view, giving the wrong medicine to a patient is unethical.  Since I don’t know much about the doctor and I also observed when we were in his office, he’s like one man show… asking about my cousin’s condition, taking phone calls, writing down some notes, etc… I swallowed my words and took a deep breath to cool down.

By the way, I was also tired and hungry by that time.  I didn’t think I’d much energy to talk more.

I was already prepared (as well as mentally) before we went, such as bringing a book to read, having my phone to surf online, etc.  But the real show only begins when you are actually there.

Note: I read a post on Facebook lately after writing this article.  A girl also waited for about 3-4 hours before her turn to see the doctor in one of the hospitals in the UK.  Well, I think spending a few hours like this seems “normal”.  Perhaps this is one of the ways that can teach people how to be patient.


What about perseverance?

It is so important to persevere if you want to be successful.  It’s so easy to give up when success seems out of reach.  It’s so easy to let go of half done project because it’s just so much easier doing that way instead of continuing.

Does this sound familiar?

I’ve had my fair share of giving up too early,as mentioned in this blog post about hiking.

If I remember correctly, perseverance is one of the success factors of one of the very successful women entrepreneurs in America.


Other than time, patience and perseverance, what else?

In fact, there are many more.  What about determination and hard-working?

If someone has no strong urge to succeed in anything he/she does, do you think it’s going to work?

If someone is lazy to do the work, he/she must have obtained lots of good luck to achieve that.  But this kind of success won’t last for too long.


The person who can define the meaning of success is you.

If you think being a wonderful housewife or a great parent is what you think it’s successful, so be it!  Because this is also not easy.

It takes a great deal of time, patience, and perseverance to maintain harmonious relationships, to take good care of the house, etc… not to mention it takes years to raise children.

Dr. Joe Vitale mentioned this in “The Secret”, “We don’t all want the same things and experiences…”  Do you think we want the same success experiences?

Anyhow, hope these masking tape tags can help keep track of your journey to success!  Oh, by the way, work smART too!



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