Use Decorative Masking Tapes To Create Recipe And Sewing Bookmarks


Today’s project is another quick and easy bookmark using some decorative tapes.

Simple recipe and sewing bookmarks“What? Bookmark again?”

“I’ve seen too many bookmark samples here?  Don’t you have some other examples?”  You are wondering.

Okay, please calm down.  Allow me to explain.

The main purpose of getting washi tapes is because they are easy to handle besides those beautiful and artistic pictures.  Plus, collecting bookmarks used to be one of my hobbies.

Although I don’t do that now knowing that I can create, it’s rather therapeutic looking at these little cards.


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There are days whereby you may not feel like doing any “big” projects such as scrapbooking, cardmaking or even positive journaling like this.

Instead of wandering around or letting these pretty masking tapes sit quietly in one corner, what about creating some bookmarks like the picture above or something even better?

All you need is:

  • Have a big picture (colors, designs, styles) of what you want to include in the bookmark
  • Your favorite washi tape(s)
  • White cards (or whatever paper or cardstock you have at the moment, even scrap paper or extra card)
  • Ribbon/baker’s twine/linen thread


Here we go…

I have quite a number of scrap papers due to cutting from big cardstock.  I can just throw away but I also read from some other crafters that they do keep these papers as they can be handy when you need to stamp some small images or punch some small flowers.

It’s a good idea because you can really put these scrap papers into good use.

One problem though… I’ve been keeping quite a lot.  So obviously the next part is the storage and organization issues.  But this would be another whole new topic.


Sewing craft tape


I just grab whatever cardstock I find on the table and make these 2 bookmarks.

The washi tapes that you see are mt ex recipe and mt ex sewing tapes.

Just stick the washi tapes on the white


Get the mt ex material (sewing) washi masking tape here.



mt ex recipe masking tape

Punch the hole on top and attach ribbon.

Easy peasy, right?

Since both masking tapes are already rich in colors and graphic, no further decorations on my part here.

However, you can definitely write or stamp something to make the bookmarks more personalized and unique.

Get the mt ex recipe washi masking tape here.


Is it necessary to use just white cards?

In my personal opinion, it’s easier to match all sorts of cute tapes and embellishments especially if you are new to crafting.

Other than white, you can also try such neutral colors as beige, cream, ivory and taupe.  What about gray and black?  If you are good at matching colors, then feel free to explore and experiment further.  But as mentioned earlier, just use whatever you have to test first before buying more.

Moreover, you can also find different textures of the paper or card stock.  The bookmark design and feel will be different as a result.


What About The Bookmark Size?

I’d say “free size”. 🙂  Feel free to create your own bookmark size and style.

See what kind of scrap paper you have and perhaps you might need to trim a little to make the size of the card look like a bookmark size.  Otherwise, it’d not be a bookmark anymore if it’s too big.

If you have some existing bookmarks, what about following the sizes so that at least you have some ideas?


Suggestions: What Can You Do To Improve?

The other thing I notice is that before deciding the size of the bookmark, it’s better to find out what kind of washi tape(s) you want to use.

Why?  Like the picture above, I do it the other way round.  That’s the main reason as to why “have a big picture” is part of the things that required.


Japanese masking tape all about food and recipeThe recipe mt tape is rather long as it’s about recipe for instance: how to make fruit tart or how to make pancake.

By the way, the text is sort of readable but pretty small so it’s recommended to use a magnifying glass.

As you see in the picture, the “yummy” bookmark cut off half way instead of showing the whole recipe.

Not so nice to give as a gift, isn’t it?  Therefore, this bookmark is only for own use.

Even if it’s homemade, it’s still need to be presentable, right?

Hope you don’t mind if I show you imperfection of the projects on the blog.  Don’t you think sometimes it’s faster to learn from mistakes?

This imperfection is written down so that I can remember as and when I come back here to read.  More importantly, hope it’ll also help inspire you to make better bookmark versions that belong to you.



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