How To Use Masking Tapes To Beautify Transparent Present Bag?


“What?  Making something beautiful means I need to have many tools ready?”  You are wondering.

Not really.  If you have, that’s great!  If you don’t have right now, it’s okay too!

All you need is just your favorite decorative masking tape(s) and some clear plastic bags.  Of course, things that you want to place inside the clear bags.

Let’s see the picture.

Use masking tapes to beautify transparent present bag


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This is another simple gift idea that I love to use.  Let’s face it… clear plastic bag is boring and plain.  In fact, it’s better not using it due to environmental issue.

However, sometimes it’s unavoidable.  Why?  Don’t you use the bag for food?  Don’t you use to wrap whatever it is?

Well, not using plastic bag is a “heavy” question which I’m not in the right position to elaborate any further.  Before I can find a better solution or alternative, let’s continue the happy stuff…

Two things that I like to use the transparent plastic bags due to (1) you can immediately see what’s inside without opening them; and (2) the things you place inside won’t get wet easily.  Can I say this is water resistant?

There are many different plastic bag sizes in the market.  Some are of low quality while some are of better quality.  You can also find some for food purposes.

There are many more with attractive pictures on the bags.  Isn’t it pretty tempting to start collecting as well?

Anyway, the one that you see in the picture above is a medium sized present bag.  The size is approximately 23×15.5x6cm (9.1”x6.1”x2.4”).  The quality is good and presentable.

I’d like to make it clear that this is just a sample I made for you to show you the different masking tapes because they can have different outcomes on a transparent gift bag.


What does it mean exactly?  What outcome?

For example, the navy blue horizontal line mt tape seems dark.  But when I placed it on the clear plastic bag, it looks nice and brighter due to one of the main features of washi tape: semi-translucent.

Below is another example using a darker shade of sticky tape:

The brown tape is not that appealing at first glance.

Washi tape ziplock bag


However, when I tape it on the zip lock bag… wow!  It’s pretty!

Don’t you think the gift (because of the brown stripe pattern) is also suitable to be given to man?  It is always not that easy to gift something to men.  Why not give this a try?

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Okay, let’s come back to the first picture…

The bright orange collage pattern is even brighter and striking on the bag.

The other one is mt 1P deco block blue washi tape.  I use this pattern to simply wrap the twist ties.  This is just to help close the bag.

Last but not least, the ribbon is added but totally optional.

Isn’t it easy to beautify a simple and plain clear bag into an adorable present bag?


When can you make a few of such present bags?

There are many occasions you can make use of some decorative tapes and clear bags that you may already have.  Due to the assorted patterns, colors and styles, you can certainly find some tapes which can match your theme.

If you love baking, what about decorating the cookies bag?

If you are looking for some unique personalized wedding favors, what about having a washi tape crafting session with your girlfriends?

What about having some arts and crafts activities with your kids?  Get ready some sweets, cute tapes especially for kids and small plastic bags.  Let them have fun decorating!  (Note: Since washi tape is not a toy, please supervise and guide young children.)


Here’s my suggestion if you’d like to try:


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Aimez let style Vintage Label


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motif heart mt tape



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