Let’s Move On To Paris After Traveling To London


If you travel to London in England and time permits, would you want to go to Paris in France as well?  This is what most people will do, right?  These two places are close by.  So let’s move on to Paris today!

Let's move on to Paris - Japanese washi tape

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Here I use Paris washi tape from Amifa (part of Aimez le style, a lifestyle Japanese brand), and the purple lines masking tape is from mt.

Even though Paris is a hot destination, I have yet to visit the place.  I know… I should have had the opportunity to travel since I stayed in London at that time.  But somehow, I didn’t have the urge to go.

Not sure why… perhaps I read some reviews before the trip.  But, before you say anything, just in case you read this, I might change my mind and visit someday.

Lets move on to Paris


Anyway, I did go to another city, Lille in France.

My friends and I took Eurostar which was great!  Some people suggest taking trains while in Europe if you have the time.  You will be able to see the stunningly breathtaking scenery!

Plus, I personally find it more comfortable traveling by train than by coach.

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Train station in Lille France


Instead of carrying bulky and big luggage, I just carried a lightweight backpack.  It did make me look like a backpacker!  One of the dreams (to be a backpacker) came true!

Don’t you think the more you travel, the more you know what to pack and what not to bring?  All you want is to pack as light as possible while keeping those essential items and clothing.

I used to pack something that I thought I might wear or use.  But at the end of the trip, it’s still kept nicely in the luggage.

I read that some travelers bring along old and unwanted clothes.  If they don’t want anymore, they’ll throw them away or donate to the local area.  I think it’s a pretty awesome idea!

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Back to the washi tape topic…


Do you spot any difference between London paper adhesive tape and Paris paper adhesive tape?

Note: Read this article to see the masking tape difference.


The colors.

The London paper tape is all about bold red, while the Paris paper tape is in lighter and softer hues, such as darker red, purple and pink.

The designer used red for the London paper tape.  Isn’t it because of its well-known red bus and red telephone booth which can be recognized instantly?

Due to the softer colors on Paris washi tape, you may not be able to see well.  Don’t you think Paris = Romantic?  Lighter colors such as pink and lilac are often associated with romance and love.

Even the color choice can tell us about the place or brand.  Which washi tape would you prefer?

Although I have yet to travel to Paris, it is a dream destination for many people, you might…

  • Want to go there for your honeymoon.
  • Go there to propose to your girlfriend because how can she reject you in such a romantic place?
  • Travel in Europe and Paris has to be included in your itinerary.  Or,
  • Learn French culinary at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Paris.


Then, start planning now, start saving money and act on it!

That’s the reason I have this quote in my gratitude journal today:

Believe in the beauty of your dreams.
~ Positive Ideas


Before I end this blog post, just want to tell you about my short-term experience learning French.  I always find it cool to be able to learn and speak a different language.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the inflexibility of my tongue or what, I can’t seem to pronounce it correctly!  Therefore, I canceled the class after a while.

This simple lesson makes me realize that no matter what I/we learn always requires lots of patience, perseverance, and determination.  The beginning part is always the hardest.  And learning a foreign language is no exception!

Having said that, there’s one word I can say quite well must be this…


Thank you for reading!

Have you been to Paris in France?  If yes, where do you go?  If not yet, what do you plan to do while you are there?



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