Make Simple Assorted Handmade Gift Cards In No Time


Ever since I came across this little cute washi tapes by chance, I’d no excuses not to make some gift cards.

Simple assorted handmade gift cards

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You don’t need to use glue and scissors if you don’t want to.  How cool is that?

The purpose of making these 5 gift cards in an envelope box is to be able to give as a special gift at one go.  Instead of gifting everyday, you have all the handmade gift cards ready from Monday to Friday.   You add your favorite washi tapes in front of the card and write your notes at the back – what you want to tell him/her.

Then give to someone you care.  Let him/her know that you are there no matter what kind of day he/she has.  You might think, “What about weekend?”  Sure!  Add 2 more gift cards then.

The best part of using washi tape is that you can literally find the designs and colors that best match your theme.  In the photo above, the gift cards can be given to mom, sister or girlfriend since the color choice is feminine and contains flowers.

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As mentioned in this article, I don’t have step by step tutorials for a few of my initial washi tape projects.  Perhaps I was too pleased with the end results… oh so pretty!  And I totally forgot about taking pictures as I made these if you’d like to know.

Let me describe in words, okay?

First off, if you have white paper (preferably 80gsm thickness and above) or white cardstock, it’s enough to get started.  The reason is that the colorful washi tapes can really stand out on white surface.

If you have limited budget, just try using pretty decorative tape on white paper and see the outcome.  I say this because you may be thinking that it’s necessary to purchase many different types of paper in order to create something.

It’s definitely better if you can splurge as there are a lot more options.  But if you can’t, why not try using whatever you have?

As for this easy project, I simply use some white card stock which I’ve keeping for ages.

You can determine the size of your own gift card, be it small or big.

Finally I use a 6” x 6” patterned paper to create the envelope box.  It’s recommended to use thicker paper or cardstock if you want to have a solid box.  The sample envelope box has plenty of room to fit in more than 5 cards.

Add ribbon and other embellishments to make the whole package more personalized and special.

By the way, can you spot those decorative tapes which I’ve used often?

In fact, I’ve used all of these… mt ex garden, mt ex hana, mt tile green, mt ex butterfly, mt ex sakura and mt slim in red.  The other tulip masking tape is also from mt.

Click the links below to see the pictures:

mt ex garden
mt ex hana
mt tile green
mt ex butterfly
mt ex sakura
mt slim in red


If you want to make some gift cards in no time and you can’t find what you want in the market; or if you don’t feel like coloring and stamping yourself, try these assorted handmade gift cards.

Not only is this simple crafting process therapeutic for oneself, it also helps make someone’s day a brighter one!


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Nancy Dailey
Nancy Dailey
5 years ago

Absolutely beautiful! I love Washitape and enjoy viewing ideas on crafts to make with it! Thank you!

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