Quick And Simple Washi Tape Gift Box And Ribbon


After a few initial washi tape projects, my next attempt is to make a little gift box.

Washi tape gift box and ribbon

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Please let me emphasize that this is not a fancy gift box, or any fancy cardstock or wrapping paper.  I just used thicker scrap paper to construct the yellow gift box shown in the picture above.

You see… when you are into crafts, you tend to collect bits and pieces here and there.  For instance, if I use a quarter of a 12” x 12” cardstock, I will save the rest for other purposes.

Same thing for an even smaller piece of paper because I’d always have this mindset… keep the paper because I can use it to stamp or punch some little flowers.

Therefore, instead of buying new cardstock or papers, I’ve been collecting quite a number of scrap paper…

My purpose here is to let you know that you can also make some unique gift boxes within your budget.


“Do what you can
with what you have
where you are”

~ from Positive Ideas


I want to apologize that I don’t have step-by-step tutorial pictures to show you how to make this gift box.  Hopefully, I’ll do that in other blog posts.


Step 1:

Simply grab whatever cardstock or thick paper you can find.  Since you are making a box, it is better to use heavier cardstock so that it’s firm and sturdy.


Step 2:

Then use a scoring board to make the box base and lid.  Here I use the Martha Stewart scoring board and the measurements are already provided inside the board.



Since this is a rather simple yellowish little box, it is the best time to showcase the marvelous washi tapes.  Okay, this is another purpose of using washi tapes, let them shine and make the magical moment happens!

In other words, use pretty decorative tapes to make the box unique and special!

I consider myself a minimalist.  So, it’s not a surprise to see again such a simple yet elegant floral masking tape by mt.  Well, I just love using this as you see here.


Shop here for the exact type of flower mt masking tape.

Or, shop here for other different flower washi tapes.



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Step 3:

Just cut the flower you like and tape it on the top of the box.


Step 4:

Finally, the dark green ribbon is added.  However, I find it a bit too dark.  So, I thought why not use the slim tape to make the color lighter?

To my surprise, the skinny green washi tape sticks nicely on the ribbon… hooray, I have made another different pattern for the ribbon.

Just one reminder, though.  The washi tape is made of rice paper.  If you stick on the ribbon, it can be a bit difficult to tie a bow.

Therefore, I glue the end parts of the ribbon to make the closure.


Would you prefer a simple decoration like this gift box?  Or, would you prefer to add other embellishments to give more visual impact?  How?



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