Use Washi Tapes To Add Different Layers For Your Projects


Since I started using this mt box, I thought it’s good to continue with another small project.  This is another different style of do-it-yourself bookmark.  You can indeed make many unique patterns using washi tapes.

Use washi tapes to add layers for your projects

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Different colors are selected from the box – basic purple and green mt masking tapes.  And then I added border purple and border green (horizontal lines pattern).

I saw this similar design from a book so I just wanted to re-create and try it out.

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First ~
Just cut out the bookmark shape using an existing template (if you have one).  Forget about measuring!


Second ~
Simply start putting in your preferred decorative tapes of your choice.  In this particular example, the border purple was added first horizontally followed by the border green.

The basic color mt tape purple was then added.  As for the slim green tape in the middle, just cut from the normal tape into your desired size and length.

Yes, even though the common width is 15mm (0.6 inches), you can trim it to make the size you want.  You can use scissors, trimmer or cutter.


Third ~
Instead of using ribbon, the colored sticky tapes – basic green and purple were used to complete the bookmark.

The main purpose of creating this is to add different washi tapes on top of each other.  Since one of the main features is semi-transparency, you can make different patterns!  For instance, combine a basic color and a floral patterned deco tape.  Or, you can also see another sample like this.


Suggestions: What You Can Do To Improve

Alter the bookmark size, be it smaller or bigger.

Change the washi tape colors and patterns and see what kind of different bookmark you can come up with.

Add stamp or text to make it more personalized.

The “ribbon” that is attached to the hole – isn’t it better to trim the top part of the purple tape in the same direction as the green tape?  Alternatively, add your own real ribbon.

How do you make yours?  Can’t wait to see yours!


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