How To Use Washi Tape To Create a Wedding Anniversary Gift?


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How to make a last minute wedding anniversary gift in less than an hour?

Unique washi tape wedding anniversary gift

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“Erina, I need to do something real quick but can’t find any suitable craft supplies in this area.  You said you do crafts, right?” Mona asked me as soon as I stepped into the office.

Honestly speaking, whenever someone mentions the word “crafts”, you can see sparkles in my eyes.  I’m always delighted hearing someone talking about it either they do or they appreciate some form of crafts.

So, I quickly answered, “What kind of crafts supplies you are looking for?”

She then explained she needed to transform her new ceramic plate into something as a wedding anniversary gift for her husband.  The main issue was that she wanted to get it done the very next day which was the actual day.

It’s not that convenient going out to look for stuff to fill up the plate in the afternoon.  It’s nothing much we can find in that area anyway.  Not to mention she’s working till late evening.

I was kind of worried for her too… how to solve this?

All of sudden, I realized I just carried back a full bag of washi tapes!

Yes, that’s it!  I’ve found the answer to her question and she could get it done in no time.

Mona wanted to have her wedding picture in the middle of the ceramic plate.  We glanced at the bag full of tapes and tried to find the perfect one.

We finally decided to use mt red floral mt masking tape.

This matched her red wedding dress in the photo.  Plus, this elegant floral design really stood out from the ceramic plate.  Though the color is red, it’s not too striking.  It’s in fact elegant and classy!

This is a very easy gift to make if you are running out of time; too busy with work or just don’t have enough budget.


Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Get a ceramic plate of your choice.  In our case here, Mona bought a very nice round shaped ceramic plate.  Since this is a round plate, we decided to stick and fold the masking tape (about 0.5 inch or 1cm) and stick again.



We repeat the steps until we have used the pretty tape to cover the whole plate.

This is similar to skirting.  You can have it done precisely by measuring the widths in each gap or just have it done freehand since this is a do-it-yourself gift anyway.

We’ve tried some other colors and patterns but the translucent red pattern washi tape stands out and looks nice on the ceramic plate.  The elegant design of this Japanese washi tape suits well for wedding themed presents.

Use masking tape to make wedding anniversary gifts


Attach the wedding photo in the inner circle and repeat the same design as the outer circle.

Otherwise, create a different one using different washi tape or other embellishments.

Finally, add some text to personalize the gift.

Use mt ex number-symbol gold masking tape to insert the date.

You can actually do this project quickly in 15 minutes or so.


Personalized gift for wedding anniversary


The “skirting” part (stick and fold) can take a while initially especially if you opt for precise measurement on each fold and gap.

I wanted to achieve that as well, however, I thought this was a handmade gift; did I need to be that exact?

Finally, I just let go and simply eyeballed it.  Hence, it’s really up to you how and what you want to get.  I don’t want to exaggerate the timing in the beginning to give false hope.

But completing this one-of-a-kind and personalized wedding anniversary gift in less than an hour is certainly attainable.  Give it a try!

No glue required in the whole process!

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