Fun Travel Stuff Decorative Tape


Well, this is not the first blog entry about travel-related things.  However, the style for this mt travel way masking tape is different from the one shown below.

Fun travel stuff decorative tape

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What is this one?

Okay, I can hear you saying… what?  Aimez le style again?

Yes, you are absolutely correct.

The name is Travel washi tape.


You see, we still have quite a few of this romantically beautiful French-inspired Japanese craft tape.

So, you will see it one by one in the next few blog posts.

Hope you’ll stick around!

Whenever I look at this fun travel stuff washi tape, all I can think of is to have a relaxing holiday at the beach… hmm… Bora Bora or Maldives would be nice.

Just look at the hat, sunglasses, skincare bag, umbrella, camera, bags, ticket, passport, and postcard.


Fun travel Aimez le style masking tape for journal


What’s the other blue grid line tape?

It is from a leading brand in washi tape.  This is considered one of the earliest designs made up of some simple horizontal and vertical lines.  Blue and pink are the most obvious colors, in my opinion.

Why do I put these two together?  One is fun & cute, and the other one is just normal lines.

Well, I think they are sort of a match since both of the masking tapes have blues.  It’s just that easy.


It’s only when I start to write something in my journal.  I’m thinking of a special kind of message that best fits in here.

And the saying is:

Joke more often.  Life will be better if you can take it easy and be humorous.’

Travel more.  It does not matter if your journey is a whirlwind tour, short or long trip.  This will help you look at people and things from a different angle.”


When fun travel stuff meets solid and boring lines…

I have been working long hours lately for quite some time.  Therefore, this article is for me 🙂

Perhaps it’s for you too.

I feel like I am a boring person.  Have you heard of this?

‘All work and no play makes Jack me a dull boy gal.’


I can sit all day long in front of my computer checking emails, writing, photo editing, oh yes surfing the internet.  This seems to no end as you can review products from one website to another and read blog posts after blog posts.  Sometimes I secretly wish I didn’t need to eat or sleep so I could have more time to do all the things I love.

However, it is definitely NOT good.  No matter how much I love doing things; it’s good to have breaks in between.

Okay, you can say that the solid and boring lines washi tape is me. (Note: this is not to insult the design of the tape.  Just an analogy)

That’s why fun travel stuff is added.

Therefore, I have changed things a bit lately.


Instead of sitting all day long, I make a mental note to stop working at certain times (to have breaks in between).  Remind me to have consistent meals, some light exercises (not just sitting still), forget about everything and sleep early, etc.

Even though this post is about Aimez le style travel washi tape and mt tape, it’s more than just washi tapes and traveling.

You see, sometimes it might be hard for you to just pack your bags and travel somewhere far away.  What about a short trip to somewhere nearby or even just half an hour drive to a local store?

I can still remember vividly whenever I look at the beautiful sky from the plane.  I always have this thought, “Why am I upset about this tiny issue?  Why am I being narrow-minded?”

Just look at the sky… it’s so huge, broad, beautiful, and welcoming.

Thank you so much for reading till the end here!



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