Washi Tape Clear Bookmark


This washi tape clear bookmark is something I love to make to give away as a sample.

Washi tape clear bookmark

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It’s simple and easy to make in no time.

I usually buy A4 sized clear sheet or acetate.  The A4 size is about the same as the US Letter size.

The height and width for this particular bookmark are (W)5cm x (H)12cm (2” x 5”).

Well, if I want to be picky, cutting the bookmarks into smaller sizes from a big clear sheet, it’s the tedious part.

I have to measure and cut (or trim if you’d prefer to use a trimmer).  I’m not sure if you can buy this pre-cut in the market.

Update: Yes, pre-cut bookmark sheets are now available in certain places.



The main reason for using a clear sheet or acetate is because of the smooth surface and it’s perfect to stick washi tapes on it.

I can peel the tapes off easily without worrying about scratching the surface.  If using normal cardstock, some adhesive on the masking tape might scratch the cardstock.

You might be wondering how washi tape can scratch the surface.  Well, it should not, technically speaking.  Washi tapes are supposed to be removable and repositionable easily.


However, sometimes it depends on the surface and the type or quality of the decorative tape.  If you stick the washi tape on a thin paper like in my journal, the tape might peel off together with the paper too (hope you get what I mean here).

So it’s better to remove it gently and slowly to avoid peeling off altogether.

Since I give away the washi tape clear bookmark as a sample, I need something smooth on the surface for easy peeling.

Just in case some people might not know this and remove it harshly or quickly.  This happens when we can’t wait to use the tape or when we are rushing.



Back to this little washi tape project…

Once you have the width of the bookmark, such as the sample showcased here, you’ll know how much you’ve used should you want to keep track of it.

Then, you can simply wrap a few of your favorite craft tapes around the bookmark.  You can make several for your own use or give as little presents to your family and friends.

This is an easy and practical project if you have loads of washi tapes waiting to be seen and used.  This is especially convenient if you love to use a planner, diary, or journal.

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What about making a few of these washi tapes clear bookmarks to keep in your journal instead of carrying rolls and rolls of tapes?

The other mt tape (i.e. the thank you tag) that is featured above is also something you can use again and again.  It’s called mt ex tag masking tape as shown below.

mt ex colorful tags masking tape



One last important tip 

If you use a clear sheet or acetate, be sure to round the corners.

You can use a round corner punch.  Otherwise, if you have the envelope punch board that includes the round corner punch, it works fine too.  Why?  The corners of the clear sheet can be sharp after cutting.

Would you like to share your version of washi tape clear bookmark?  Leave your bookmark below or email me at contact{@}washimagic.com.



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