How To Use Washi Tape To Create A Unique Baby Scrapbook Page


If you are new to scrapbooking, you may feel overwhelmed having to complete a 12 x 12 inches scrapbook paper; let alone creating a unique scrapbook page for baby.

Have you ever had this experience?  It’s either you look at this huge paper not knowing exactly how to decorate or you simply admire the gorgeous paper for a while and hide it in the drawer and not sure when it’s going to be used again…

So, instead of abandoning the scrapbook album, I give myself this little challenge to not only complete the album but also to make use of the washi tapes that we have.

With the help of these cute tapes even if you only have a roll or two of washi tape, it’ll be easier to design the scrapbook paper.

However, washi tape is not something like magical powder where you sprinkle it on the paper and voilà… it’s done.

Though my blog name is Washi Magic, it still requires you to do some work to make the magical moment happen.  Just a little bit of work since decorative adhesive tape is easy to use.

The usual size for a scrapbook paper is 12” x 12”.  However, you can start off with a smaller size such as 8 x 8 inches like this…

Unique baby scrapbook page


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Can you figure out which one (or two) is washi tape?

Well, it’s very easy right?

Yes, the yellow hearts and colorful rockets.

The hearts masking tape is part of mt tape product range – mt for kids.

Hearts masking tape for kids

The deep blue rockets masking tape (or called Outer Space) is from Funtape designed by a Taiwanese company.  This is used to make the photo frame.

Items you need:


3 tips for newbie to make a special scrapbook page for baby:


First of all, decide what kind of theme you want to have for that particular page.  Just focus on that page even if you are working on a scrapbooking album.  It’s easier this way from my own experience.

Honestly speaking, I’d prefer card making than scrapbooking because it’s simpler to handle.  So, when I took up the “challenge” of completing this baby album in less than about 10 days (13 pages altogether), I regretted when I was about to start.

I was panicking how I could manage to finish this “huge” baby album for his one-year-old birthday.  It’d be a pity just to let the album sit in one corner and collect dust.

Therefore, instead of worrying and not completing the album, what I did was to get all the photos and plan according to months.

So let’s come back to this particular page.

I decided to go for love theme for this page.  It’s all about love, hearts and hugs from his family.


Color scheme

What kind of colors you want to use?  Do you want a colorful page or just something simple and sweet?  Are they matching colors or totally the opposite?  Are you willing to try out something different?

The color choice is kind of subjective in a way.  But it will be better if you have a theme in mind.

For example, if you want a happy and fun theme, will you use black as the main color?



How to position the pictures?  Where should you put the washi tape?  Should you leave some space there or add embellishments here?  If you are clueless like me, you can search online or books about scrapbooking sketches.

This is very helpful as it helps me see clearly how to position all the elements.

Some people prefer to see an already decorated page.  But sometimes it may be hard to see thoroughly unless you have the original sketch side by side.

If you are wondering what a sketch is, check out this Pinterest board to get some ideas.

Anyhow, if you still find 8” x 8” paper daunting, what about making it even a smaller version such as 6 x 6 inches paper or album?

The best part is that you don’t require a lot of patterned paper or tools.  Just use some decorative masking tapes and see what you can come up with.

What kind of scrapbooking page or album that you plan to create for baby?  What is your favorite washi tape that you want to include?


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mt for kids hearts


(My album looks similar to this which comes in a box.  There are many different scrapbook albums for baby.  Feel free to get ideas from the link.)





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