Would you like to get a bottle of orange juice, lemonade, ginger beer or rose wine?

“Yes, I’d like to get a bottle of rose wine please.”

“Okay, it’s here.”

Get a bottle Japanese paper tape


Hold on!  This is not a real rose wine.  Sorry!  Don’t you think the pictures captivating?

This is actually another masking tape design by the renowned Aimez le style.

Aimez le style Japanese brand sticky tape


More pictures can be found here. (Link to our online shop)

Not only can you get rose wine, there are also many more to choose from such as berry juice, apple cider etc.  Honestly speaking, I’m not very sure how to use this rich and bold decorative tape.  I’ve tried to adorn a glass bottle using this but I just feel something it’s lacking.

It’s nothing wrong with the tape.  I think it’s my “creative” mind not working properly.


Should I use this as the focal point?  Or, should I use this as the background pattern?

Calling for help!  What do you think?  You can share your ideas in the comments area below.  Or email me to washimagicblog[at]gmail.com.

Otherwise, I really like this bottles washi tape.  The drawings are so pretty; the designs are so adorable and the color saturation is fantastic!

You can learn drawing as well by following the pictures (for your own personal learning of course) and see how your drawings look like.

The other slim masking tape is from the mt slim product range.

This type of thin washi tape is perfect to be used in a journal book like this.  You can use it to line up things or make a frame on a page.  There usually come in a set which has 3 different colored tapes of similar pattern.


Because of the healthy drinks that you see on this deco tape, here’s a reminder to be grateful for:


I am so thankful for my perfect health.

I am healthy so that I can take care of my kids and my family.

I am healthy so that I can pursue my dreams.

I am healthy so that I can travel the world.

I am healthy so that I can… (you fill in the blanks)

Note: “I am” in the sentences above is not referring to me.  But YOU as you say this to yourself.


You know, sometimes we take our healthy body for granted.  We thought we were young enough to eat all sorts of junk food.  We thought we were so healthy that we could afford to get angry/depressed.

All these things can have negative effects on our health.

Therefore, as you look at this get-a-bottle masking tape; as you wonder how to use this to decorate your projects, you’ll also remember to be thankful for your perfect health.


Here’s a gentle reminder again:

How do you adorn or where to use this bottle washi tape by Aimez le style?  You can share your ideas in the comments area below.  You can also email me to washimagicblog[at]gmail.com.

Thank you!


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