Cherry Line – All About Two Unique Washi Tapes


What is cherry line?  Take a look…

Cherry line masking tape

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Don’t you think it looks like cherry?  Okay, the actual name is Polish fruit masking tape from Aimez le style.

Whenever I see the picture on this tape, all I can think of is cherry.  It’s one of my favorite fruits.  When I was in London, I liked to walk past a market on the way home in summer.  I’d buy a huge bag of big and sweet cherries.

The cost was about 1 or 2 pounds (about US$ 2-3).  Not only was the price cheap, but the cherries were also tasty too.  If my housemate also bought that day, cherry was the most obvious food you could see in the kitchen.  What a happy moment!

However, it’s pricey here and not easily available.  Even if I’ve tried it here before, it’s not as sweet as what I’d tried in London.  Plus, it’s just a small packet… not that enough!

Anyway, this cherry masking tape does bring a wonderful memory.

Aimez le style Polish fruit washi tape


The cherry tape is paired with mt deep blue lines washi tape.  You can find the same border design in different colors, such as orange, purple, and green here.

Click here to find out the different colors of lines washi tape or mt washi tape border.


I quite like this deep blue deco tape but I’ve yet to find out why this is not as popular as I thought.  Are the pictures not great enough to showcase its beauty, or do people prefer lighter blue?

What do you think of this combination – red cherries and blue lines?

Do they look nice on a white card or off-white gift box?  What about giving it a try?

If you have something striking or bold colors, for instance, fuchsia or sunflower on top of deep blue washi tape, it’d look stunning!

Are you too busy lately?

No time to do anything else?

If yes, it’s time to slow down, even if it’s just a bit.  Take some time off to think and daydream



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