All About Envelopes Washi Tape – Do They look Real?


Further to my earlier blog post about stamps and airmail labels, this is another journal related to the same thing but about envelopes (I like this tape so much that it’s been featured before) and mail marking.

There are three mt washi tapes here – envelope, marking, and 3mm (0.12 inches) slim tape.

All about envelopes mt washi tape

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Honestly speaking, it’s a bit hard to handle the 3mm slim tape, in my opinion, due to the tiny width even though it’s showcased before in this blog entry.

I’d prefer 6mm slim tape.  Anyhow, just got to give it another go since I’ve purchased it, right?  Well, not one but two as they are sold in pairs.

mt slim 3mm adhesive tape



Sometimes, the worst part is not to try it at all.

Have you bought something like clothes that you planned to wear someday but never?  Have you ever purchased a scrapbooking kit or two thinking that you will do a wonderful family keepsake and just never get to do it?

Don’t know about you… but it happens to me most of the time.  Therefore, nowadays, I make a mental note whenever I plan to buy or get something – to find a way to utilize it!

If I have more time, I’d use washi tape, in this case, to create a greeting card.  If time is running out, then I’d just take out my favorite patterned tape and stick it in my journal like the picture above.

mt ex envelope is all about different kinds of envelopes.  Some are common ones that can be recognized easily.  I was stunned because these tiny envelopes look so real!

Unique washi tape envelopes

As you can see in the journal, I cut the pictures separately and use them as stickers, including the marking washi tape.

What is marking?  Have you used the “Fragile” sticker?  What about the official stamp on the envelope?  Yes, it’s all related to mail.

mt ex marking tape


Guess what?  There are 16 different pictures in this marking washi tape alone!  The length is 10m (33 feet), so there’s plenty to use and share with your friends.

Whenever I see deco tapes about envelopes, stamps, and mailing stuff, it somehow reminds me of the days when I received real letters from pen pals.

We all used simple and normal envelopes almost similar to the white envelope you find in the third image above… nothing fancy.


However, the most important thing is the letters inside the envelopes.

We normally wrote more than a page; sometimes the envelope contained about 3-5 pages or more.  So, it’s a pretty thick envelope.  It’s such a joy receiving these letters.

I’m not sure if people still use this old method for personal communication (not business letters).  Contacting someone is so much faster and more convenient these days via phone and the internet.



It’s definitely environmentally friendly sending messages electronically.  But…

…if you send a real letter or two (perhaps about your latest news, words of encouragement, or support) occasionally to a friend or family member via post, I’m sure it will make him/her day a lot brighter!

What about you?

Do you still receive real letters from someone?  If you do, you are a lucky person because someone cares enough to send you a handwritten letter and not just a card!

Don’t despair if you never receive any letter.  Start from you then.

Either way, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!



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