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Numbers again mt masking tape?  This seems like the same thing but hold on…

Do you prefer a positive number or a negative number?

Obviously, it’s positive, right?  Positive numbers in all sorts of exams, better still in bank accounts.

All about numbers mt tapes

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Therefore, you won’t see any negative numbers in my journal today.  If you feel down, have no mood or have no energy, just take a look here and forget the negatives.




The blue measurement tape here is not something new.  You may have read this post featuring the same gigantic tape here.  It looks like this…

Huge mt masking tape

Dimension: approx. 107mm



Although I’ve yet to figure out why this particular numbers mt masking tape is so huge, we still bought it. 🙂  Anyway, the company has finally come out with a smaller version such as shown below:




Here I used it slightly differently, though.  The numbers are separated and used as fun number stickers.

If you think it’s too big, you can cut the numbers into smaller pieces or perhaps use a small circle punch if you prefer uniformity.

Numbers again mt masking tape


I personally like the pink number mt tape.  It has the potential to create unique crafts for kids, parties, or even weddings, especially if you want to keep track of any numbers.

What about using it as a temporary price tag?  You can either write or stamp on pink number washi tape.

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