Green Masking Tape – Do You Know About Herb Tea?

Do you know any kinds of herb or herb tea?  If you are familiar with it, that’s great!  Even if you don’t know anything, it’s no problem at all.  Allow me to show you this refreshing green masking tape.

Refreshing green herb tea

As for me, I’ve only heard of basil and rosemary, let alone how they look like.

The green masking tape you see today is from Aimez le style herb tea – ten different herbs can be found here.

Green masking tape daily journal


This is a very soothing green.  So instead of adding another washi tape, I simply have this green tape in the journal.  Let the greens be the focal point today.

You can use the tape as it is, as individual sticker or cut it out and re-arrange the sequence.

I was looking for some encouraging words to put in the page and needless to say, this is perfect…

“Enjoy and be refreshed by nature.” – Positive Ideas

Are you stuck indoors all day?  Are you sitting in front of your computer doing work non-stop?  No mood to do anything?

Then take a walk to the park, listen to music of nature, look at the greens and enjoy!


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