Slim Black Washi Tape And Wide Numbers mt Tape


The slim black washi tape that is showcased today is pretty popular.  It’s actually part of mt slim which is 6mm (0.24 inches) in width.  The stripes come with the other two designs – blocks and dots.

mt slim black washi tape

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The size is thin enough to decorate a small notebook or make a frame in a journal.  Plus, you can mix and match three different slim tapes easily.  It’s all black and white.



The other number masking tape is mt ex number.  This is a colorful washi tape and suitable for kids even though the width is larger – 30mm (1.2 inches).  They can learn about numbers, the objects and French!  Am I right?


Colorful number washi adhesive tape

What about using this to create some easy Christmas crafts for kids, such as an advent calendar, or do fun projects in the classroom?




What has the quote to do with the number and black washi tapes?

The slim black washi tape is merely decoration.  It looks like a solid pillar.  The mt number adhesive tape was torn by hand to see the effect and put on top of the black deco tape.

This journal is to remind me to talk positively to anyone I meet rather than criticizing, complaining, being sarcastic, or rude.  No matter how many of them I encounter… either 1 person or 10 people or more.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we live in a fast-paced society.  It’s more so if you live and work in a big city.  We eat fast, walk fast, work fast, exercise fast, and talk fast so that precious time is not wasted.

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The result of this is we may have said something that hurt someone else, especially our loved ones or someone we think we really know well.

Think that the other person is okay with the harsh words we use.  But this might not be the case.  What if he or she had a bad day or encountered something unpleasant?

There’s a Chinese saying:


“Casual words mean nothing to the person who says them.  But, the person who listens takes your words to heart.”


We often don’t pay much attention to how we talk or the tone we use.  However, the one who listens may get your message in a different way.

Well, necessary constructive criticism is fine.  Yet, there are still many other fantastic, pleasant, and uplifting words that we can use.   We can say and write gently and nicely and we still can get the messages across, right?

There’s an advertising message on the radio about stopping using abusive words.  The message is basically about stop using abusive words, especially on social media.


Here’s another saying: think before you act.

What about adding the following…

Think before you say
Think before you write


Anyway, it’s still impossible to control everyone to say nice things, but…

If I want to be surrounded by positive people, it has to begin with me talking positively whenever possible.



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