Quick Project: Beautify Ordinary Stationery

Use washi tape to personalize and beautify ordinary stationery

This is a quick project to beautify ordinary stationery.  What do you need?

Round steel clips, binder/bulldog clips and some washi tapes.  It’s alright even if you have only one type of washi tape.

Here I use different types of mt masking tapes – colored and patterned tapes for the purpose of showing you how they look like.

I have a few different binder clips in my drawer and some of them are rusty.  Don’t bother to use them at all especially the round clips as they look “dirty”.

The first mt tape I use is square pink without covering the round part.  And the other one is slash red covering the circle portion.

Honestly speaking, it’s not easy to cover a round shape object.  But there are many ways you can do such as cut washi tape into smaller pieces and attach carefully.

Other than putting one layer of pretty tape, you can stick different layers like the two bulldog clips in the picture.  One is purple and green border mt tapes and another one is brown and picture tapes.

Because of the variety of decorative tapes, you can beautify ordinary clips into something plain, colorful, striking or cute very quickly.  You can have the same designs, colors or patterns for all your stationery if you prefer.  Or, simply mix and match different colors.

Washi tape stationery

This is another sample.  The red mosaic pattern is stunning.

Another available color is green mosaic.  Have you experienced this… stationery is always mysteriously gone without your notice especially if you work in an office?

Well, it’s not that your colleagues wanted to take your punch without telling you.  Perhaps you are not at your desk or perhaps they are in a hurry and assume that they only use for a while.  But they’ve totally forgotten to return to you afterward.

By the time you want to use it, it’s not within your reach and you can’t find (let’s say your office is huge).  Well, some people label the stationery.

But what about using washi tape?  Not only will it beautify your ordinary stationery into something extraordinary, you will also be able to locate quickly if someone has taken yours without telling you.

Plus, if you are bored with the current pattern, just remove the tape and put on a new pattern.

It’s awesome and quick!  Give it a try!


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