How Can Measurement And Tulips mt Tapes Fit Together?

Huge mt masking tape

Dimension: approx. 107mm


The product name is called mt Appeal.  However, I rename it as measurement tape for easy reference.  This is a gigantic masking tape and the length is 50m (164 feet).

I wonder how long it is going to take to finish this…

The measurement is in centimeter.  You can stick on your desk and use it as ruler.  What about using this tape in a classroom where you have a lot more tables?  Or, stick on the wall and keep track of the height of toddlers and little kids.

Nevertheless, I’m still wondering if there are other ways of utilizing this huge tape.  (Note: I almost forgot Pinterest!  You can go there and get tons of amazing ideas!)  Anyway, I just let my “creativity” run wild.


Striking floral page


Eventually, I used the measurement tape to decorate my Gratitude Journal today.  Then I looked around and spotted this – tulips mt tape – a designer tape.  I tested it half-heartedly to see if they matched.

Bingo!  Why not?

Don’t you think these two mt masking tapes kind of fit in nicely together?  Perhaps they have a common color red in both tapes.  Anyway, the outcome is sharp, vibrant, vivid and bold.

The tulips was cut individually and used as stickers.  Because of the number washi tape, I listed down things that I’m grateful for my healthy body.  This page simply reminds me to be thankful and never take things for granted no matter how small they are.

I’m pleased with the combinations.  But it’s not enough.  Don’t forget the measurement tape is a BIG roll; I/we still have a lot more to go.


Here’s another way to use:


How to use number washi tape


What else to do with this huge mt adhesive tape?  Would you please help?  Thanks!


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