Atelier Aimez le style Decorative Masking Tape


Have you thought of becoming an artist?  Do you know what it takes to become one?

What kind of tools and equipment that are required?  What’s the cost of investing drawing tools?  How much time is needed to practice?

Atelier Aimez le style decorative masking tape


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I really admire people who can draw.  I always think they are talented and creative people.

All about drawing and painting


But I think this is also a skill which can be developed and cultivated through learning and practicing.


My personal example

I liked to draw fashion dolls when I was a kid.  I had a friend who could draw pretty girls with big eyes.  They were so adorable.

So, I also drew a few especially after watching beauty pageant.  I remembered I drew a girl with big and nice curly hair who’s one of the contestants.  I wish I could find those drawing papers so that I could show you at least.

Sometimes I also wonder where the papers are and how I actually sketched.  It’s not because the artwork is great but it’s more out of curiosity.


Restrictions vs. Creativity

If you were to ask me to draw something now, my immediate answer would be – I don’t know how to draw.  The thinking is so different between an adult and a child.

There are lots of restrictions for an adult like – I don’t know, I can’t, it’s tough, I’m too busy or simply being lazy etc.

However, little children are different.

They don’t have restrictions or any sort of limitations.  The creativity just comes out naturally.

Therefore, it’s much better if someone can learn drawing when he/she’s at young age.  Take me as an example.  If my parents discovered my “talent” and sent me to a proper drawing or painting class at that time, I might have become an artist or a designer.  Haha.

But it’s not their fault.  I never blamed them anyway.

Nowadays, there are so many books, offline and online classes about drawing, illustration, painting, coloring and designing.  I can learn all via these platforms if I want to.  I have had a few books but just never get to do so seriously.

So, who can I blame?

In our traditional society, the elderly members used to think that drawing or painting is just a soft skill.  Being an artist or a painter, the earning is far less than being a doctor or a lawyer.  What’s the point of becoming an artist and one can’t even survive?

(Side note: Drawing tools are not cheap.  One of my relatives was art major student.  His parents always mentioned how expensive those things are.)


Drawing tools for artist


Yet a successful painting can worth a lot of money.

As I mentioned in this post, I seldom read newspaper or simply scan through a few sections.  Then I came across this recently… a painting by the French artist, Paul Gauguin, has been sold for millions.


This post looks like it’s nothing to do with washi tape but it is in a way as…

The unique atelier Aimez le style decorative masking tape got me thinking about the fond memories and the old drawing papers.

Plus, drawing or painting is more than just a soft skill because it may also lead to a successful career or business.

Just look at the internet.  You can teach online and earn passive income.  Or, you can be an artist or designer in the crafts industry etc… a lot of potential!

Are you convinced by now to be an artist?


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Aimez le style Atelier decorative masking tape



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